How to Heal In Mortal Shell

Prepare yourself for your next fight by learning how to heal in Mortal Shell.

Enemies hit like a truck in Mortal Shell, and getting hit can quickly lower your health if you make the slightest, tiniest mistake. Because of this, one of the most commonly asked questions from Mortal Shell players is how to heal. To help you stay alive and make it from Falgrim Outskirts to the Catacombs, we recommend taking a moment to brush up on how to heal in Mortal Shell!

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How to heal in Mortal Shell

New Mortal Shell players may be asking whether it’s possible to heal in the game. The answer to this is yes, you can heal in Mortal Shell. However – like everything else in the game – it’s not easy.

To start, healing items can be picked up off the ground, looted from bodies, looted from chests, and purchased from Traders. One of the first consumable healing items you’ll discover as you work your way through Falgrim Outskirts is a Weltcap.

Using the Weltcap, you can regenerate 40 health over 60 seconds. Another way to pick up healing items in Falgrim Outskirts is to raid the enemy camp that’s up a hill on your left near the center of the map.

After all of the enemies are defeated, you can loot their supplies and pick up a Baguette which will also regenerate a small amount of health. When you reach the Trader at the back of Falgrim Outskirts and up another path to your left, you can browse his wares and purchase items like a Roasted Rat in exchange for 100 Tar.

Using the Roasted Rat, you’ll be able to regenerate 30 health over 25 seconds. With the game’s item familiarity system, if you used the Roasted Rat before and are familiar with it you can heal for an additional 10, so 40 health over 25 seconds.

Below, we’ve listed all of the healing items we’ve encountered in Mortal Shell so far: 

  • Weltcap: Regenerate 40 health over 60 seconds.
  • Roasted Rat: Regenerate 30 health over 25 seconds. Those familiar heal for 10 more.
  • Baguette: Regenerate a small amount of health.

Along with healing items, there are other things you can do to heal. If you die in Falgrim Outskirts and have to start from the beginning again, your body will remain in the spot where you died last time. When you interact with that body, you can fill your health meter.

It’s similar to when you’re knocked out of your shell during combat and can run back into it (if you’re quick enough). When you re-enter that shell, you’ll notice your health bar is now completely full, giving you a second chance to get through an area like Falgrim Outskirts alive.

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During combat, parrying can also heal you. It’s a little tricky to pull off, and may require some practice, but once you get the hang of it you’ll find it to be extremely helpful. To successfully parry, you’ll need to start your parry before the enemy hits you during their wind-up phase as the parry animation isn’t an instant block. It takes time.

When you successfully parry, you’ll be able to attack the enemy and regain some health using the Empowered Riposte. Note that you’ll need to have some Resolve available to do this. You can fill up your Resolve meter by attacking enemies.

It won’t stay full. During the time you’re not attacking, it’ll start to dissipate. Keep an eye on this and practice your parry a few times to have it available as a way to regenerate health in a pinch. Finally, if you’re able to make it out of Falgrim Outskirts into the second area, the Catacombs, you’ll meet Sester Genessa who can heal you. She can also help you upgrade your Shell.

What’s nice is that if you die in the Catacombs, you’ll start at the beginning of that map, not back at the start of Falgrim Outskirts. To quickly recap, you can heal in Mortal Shell using consumable items like the Roasted Rat. You can also regenerate health by successfully parrying and using your Empowered Riposte (as long as you have enough Resolve). If you make it through Falgrim Outskirts into the Catacombs, you can speak with Sester Genessa and heal.

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