The highly anticipated Winter Wonderland 2019 event has finally arrived in Overwatch. This Winter Wonderland event has brought a whole host of new skins that players can acquire and use to customize their favorite heroes. One of these new skins is the Snow Angel Mercy skin that puts an icy twist to the courageous healer. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get the Snow Angel Mercy skin in Overwatch covered. 

Snow Angel Mercy Overwatch

Players who dive into the Winter Wonderland 2019 event will see that there are three weeks worth of challenges that have various cosmetic rewards for individuals. The community will get their chance to earn the Snow Angel Mercy Overwatch skin in week three of the Winter Wonderland event. All that they will have to do when week three arrives is win nine games in Quick Play, Competitive, or the Arcade playlist. They will then have the Snow Angel Mercy skin added to their Overwatch cosmetic collection. 

Snow Angel Mercy Overwatch

The process of unlocking this particular outfit is not complicated by any means. You should be able to win nine games in those three playlists combined within the confines of a single playing session. If you are having trouble, perhaps call one of your Grandmaster friends to carry you to victory if you are looking to complete this challenge in even more of a quick fashion.

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