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How to Get More Money in Assassin’s Creed Unity

by Prima Games Staff

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Arno is a master assassin, but even he needs to earn some money to buy the various pieces of equipment in Ubisoft’s AC: Unity. You’ll have little trouble lining your pockets playing through the game, but come on. You’d rather become the richest assassin in Paris. With that in mind, here are the best ways to earn some cash.

Unlock and open Treasure Chests

The easiest way to add some extra dough to your virtual bank account is to open the many chests scattered throughout the game using lockpicks and completing the resulting mini-games. The trickiest locks will produce the best rewards, but you’ll need to upgrade Arno’s lockpicking skill to make this happen, of which, there are three to purchase using Sync Points: Apprentice Locksmith, Journeyman Locksmith and Master Locksmith.

In addition, Ubisoft tied some of these chests to Assassin’s Creed Initiates or the AC Unity Companion App, the latter of which you can download for iOS and Android devices.

The Cafe Theater

After upgrading this Cafe, the chest located in the Intendant’s Study will receive automatic deposits every 20 minutes, but there’s a catch. The chest eventually gets full and the money stops coming, so it is in your best interest to empty it on a regular basis; interact with the chest to view the time remaining until the next deposit is made.

Amounts are small at first, but will increase if you renovate additional Cafes and complete Cafe Theater missions. It’s possible to receive an impressive 16,000 francs in the allotted 20 minutes so long as you complete the five missions at the Cafe Theater and open the seven Social Clubs throughout the city. Not only that, but activating clubs opens Fast Travel locations, which save you a lot of time wandering throughout Paris.

Granted, it costs francs to renovate these clubs, from as low as 500 to as high as 10,000, but at the old saying goes, one must spend money to make money.

Here is the full list of Social Clubs.

Club Name Renovation Cost Income Bonus Song Unlocked
Cafe de I’lle de la Cite 500 x1.15 La Marseillaise
Cafe du Ventre de Paris 1,000 x1.15 Ah Ca Ira
Cafe du Quartier Latin 1,500 x1.15 La Guillotine Permanente
Cafe du Louvre 1,500 x1.15 Freres Courons aux Armes!
Cafe du Marais 5,000 x1.25 La Prise de la Bastille
Cafe des Invalides 10,000 x1.25 Le Chant du Depart
Cafe de la Bievre 10,000 x1.25 Carmagnole

Complete missions

Be it Heists, Helix Rifts or Paris Stories side quests, you stand to earn a ton of francs finishing these missions. Heist missions like Ancient History and It Belongs in a Museum will net you 25,000 each, while Scene Stealer in the Paris Stories category results in 5,000, though it’ll take serious skill to pull these off. What, you expected Ubisoft to give this money away? You have to work for it.

When all else fails, loot dead bodies

You’ll find some dough on the bodies of slaughtered enemies. You’ll also find valuable items that’ll save you some cash since you won’t have to buy these things from shops. On the positive side, you will automatically loot someone if you kill him from a hiding spot. This also applies to missions that specifically ask you to steal something.

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