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How to Get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’re just jumping back into Destiny 2 after some time away because you’re gearing up for Shadowkeep’s launch, then catching up might be a little difficult. The Season of Opulence brought a bunch of changes, and we understand that they can be a lot to work through if you’ve been gone. Notably, one change is Masterwork Cores now being called Enhancement Cores, not to mention how they’ve tweaked earning them. Check out our guide on how to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2 as we wind down the Season of Opulence. 

How to Get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2

In terms of the major changes to acquiring Enhancement Cores, one of the big things that Bungie did for the Season of Opulence was to remove Scrapper bounties. These used to be one of the ways that you could get your mitts on Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2, but it was pretty hit and miss so now these have been replaced by a more reliable way to farm this material. 

Enter, the Banshee-44 bounties. He’s the Gunsmith in the Tower, and you won’t have to play around with any guesswork when you complete one of them: you’re always guaranteed an Enhancement Core. They’re an important part of upgrading your gear, so they’re always in demand. Because there are both daily and weekly bounties, you can get a substantial return on your time investment by using this method, along with some other cool rewards like Legendary gear and Infamy. Check out some other ways to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2.

Dismantling Legendary gear

You can get your hands on tons of Legendary gear just by participating in the game, whether its strikes or public events. Just dismantle this; whether it’s weapons or armor, you’ll have a chance of the dismantling process spitting out an Enhancement Core. 

Spider bounties

You can pick up bounties from Spider which will give you an Enhancement Core on completion. 

Simulation Seeds and Legendary Shards

This is a bit of a multi-step process, and it involves essentially exchanging Legendary Shards for Simulation Seeds. Spider in the Tangled Shore stocks the latter, and we would buy as many as possible here. Now, once you have your Seeds, turn them in to Brother Vance on Mercury for engrams. These will give you Legendary items, and Vance is a good lad because he has a pretty high chance of actually giving you Masterworked items out of this process.

In case you’re not sure why this is great, dismantling Masterworked items will give you an Enhancement Sore. Essentially, your strategy here is to use the seeds to get a guaranteed, large amount of Legendary items to dismantle in order to game the odds on getting some Cores. While you may have spent a healthy amount of Shards at Spider’s, this dismantling process should earn you almost all of them back too so you can rinse and repeat as and when you need it.

Now that you have our guide on how to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2 on hand, hopefully this process is a lot quicker for you than it used to be! We’ve taken a lot of the trial and error out of the process so you can just get to the meat of things. Need a hand with other content in the game? Our guides hub is full of good info, including how to get the Gnawing Hunter Destiny 2 rifle.

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