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How to Get Dada Zarude & Shiny Celebi in Pokemon Sword & Shield

by Jesse Vitelli

Pokemon Sword and Shield are still going strong even two years later. With plenty of special event Pokemon and Gigantimax forms, players continue to play the game in hopes of catching them all. As a new tie-in promotion, The Pokemon Company is giving away two exclusive Pokemon, Dada Zarude, and Shiny Celebi. Here is how to obtain them.

How to Get Dada Zarude & Shiny Celebi in Pokemon Sword & Shield

As a tie-in promotion with the new Pokemon The Movie: Secrets of the Jungle on October 8, The Pokemon Company is giving away two codes for exclusive Pokemon in Sword and Shield. 

To get these codes you need to sign up for the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter before September 25, 2021. You can sign up for the newsletter right here.

This is a different version of Zarude from the last promotion The Pokemon Company did. Dada Zarude is the pink-cape-wearing caretaker of Koko, one of the main characters in the new movie. 

After signing up for the newsletter you’ll be emailed two codes that can be redeemed in the game. One for Dada Zarude and the other for a Shiny Celebi. If you’re interested in checking out Pokemon The movie: Secrets of The Forest, you can read the official description down below.  

“In this new animated adventure, a troop of the Mythical Pokémon Zarude live deep within the Forest of Okoya where they maintain a strict rule that forbids outsiders from entering their territory. Elsewhere in the jungle lives Koko, a human boy raised by a lone Zarude who left the troop. Koko has grown up never doubting that he is a Zarude, but one day, a chance meeting with Ash and Pikachu leaves Koko with his first human friend. Is Koko truly a Pokémon? Or is he, in fact, a human? When danger threatens the jungle, the bonds between Pokémon and humans—and the love between parent and child—will be put to the test.”

Well, that’s everything you need to know on how to get Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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