How Does Rage Serum Work in Warzone Season 5?

Enhance your rage or calm the enemy's.

Rage Serum
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New Field Upgrades have been introduced throughout the last few seasons in the Vanguard era, and in the Last Stand of Warzone Season 5, everyone will get a chance for the Rage Serum. Everything about Season 5 encapsulates chaos and this new upgrade pushes that even further.

Most of the Field Upgrades in the game are cut and dry. They provide a temporary buff like Dead Silence or more damage with Stopping Power. Rage Serum is one that provides a powerful buff at the cost of self-debuffs. High risk and high reward is the name of the game for the season of the Last Stand.

Warzone Season 5 – How Does Rage Serum Work?

Close-quarters fighting is the main focus of the new Rage Serum Field Upgrade. You may be thinking that means submachine guns and shotguns. Instead, this upgrade will specifically enhance your effectiveness with melee combat. Whether it’s your fists or one of the many Warzone melee weapons, they will become far deadlier.

Some of the benefits include farther lunging distance, enhanced stun power, and even more melee damage to take down opponents fast. We all know how deadly melee already is in the right hands, but this upgrade will make small buildings even scarier to move through. However, using the Field Upgrade comes at a cost to the user, and there is a counter to the madness.

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When you or someone else is enraged, footsteps will become much louder. You’ll be able to hear the rage maniac from a mile away before they run for you. On top of the sound, stun grenades and flash bangs will be more effective entirely. Your best bet against someone with Rage Serum is your headset and equipment. Otherwise, you might get rushed and sent back to the lobby.

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