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How Does Pokemon Sleep Track Your Sleep? – Answered

What if, in your dreams, you’re busy traveling? Does Pokemon Sleep track your trip?

Pokemon Sleep has just been released worldwide in most regions of the globe, and following its select release to the Pokemon public, a lot of talk and questions have surfaced. One of the many questions, and probably the most important, is: How does Pokemon Sleep track your sleep?

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In this post, that’s exactly what I’ll be covering for all Prima readers. I will be discussing how it tracks your sleep, what interrupts it, and other important information regarding your sleep being monitored. 

Unraveling How Pokemon Sleep Tracks Your Sleep

To track your sleep in Pokemon Sleep, the app uses your phone’s accelerometer or MEMS-based accelerometer sensors. What is an accelerometer, you ask? An accelerometer is a new piece of tech that all new-generation smartphones have installed and combines mechanical and electrical components. 

It measures the constant gravity, your movement, and quasi-static accelerations such as tilt and vibrations. These forces affect the device on three axes, x, y, and z, in meters per second squared (m/s2). This is one of the reasons why you need to place your phone next to your pillow, face down, while it’s on.

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Pokemon Sleep is pretty much like other sleeping apps in respective stores. The only difference is that you can check what Pokemon party took place while in slumber town. 

Does the Slightest Movement Interrupt Your Sleep Time on Pokemon Sleep?

Yes, the slightest movement does activate your phone’s accelerometer. If your dog, cat, or the person next to you moves, it will activate. However, the developers made it clear that these nighttime movements aren’t that important or that big of a deal. 

What is really important and a must is to be consistent with your sleeping pattern. For a good sleep score and to be rewarded consistently, you must try to go to bed at the same time every night; be as consistent as possible.

I hope this guide has helped answer one of the most important questions about Pokemon Sleep and gives you an idea of how the app tracks your sleep. Remember, while you’re catching winks, your phone is catching Pokemon. What more could you ask for after having to travel all over the world to catch new Pokemon species back in the day? Now, you just lay on your back or belly, and they will come to you. 

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