How Does Dread Work in Lords of the Fallen? – Answered

Time to be brave

The Umbral is a dangerous location in Lords of the Fallen. Whether you’re willingly visiting it or were thrown at it because the enemies overwhelmed you, your first objective should always be to get out of there ASAP. Otherwise, things can get really bad for you, especially with your Dread gauge filling with every step you take in the realm of the dead. Here’s how this punitive mechanic works in the game.

Dread in Lords of the Fallen Explained

The Dread gauge is represented by an eye located next to your Vigor amount at the eastern part of your screen. It’s usually closed when you’re in the Axion, but it opens the moment you enter Umbral. It automatically fills up as you stay in this realm, and it takes around 8 minutes to be completely filled. Exiting the realm through any means (finding an effigy or interacting with a Vestige) will reset it.

If you let it fill to the maximum, you’re either out of luck or were definitely looking for some trouble as a powerful enemy will pop up and start hunting you. This is indicated both by the scarlet glow around your character and the floor also glowing in the same color. A small eye also appears next to the now-bloodshot eye below your Vigor. This creature is out for your soul, so don’t just stand there and start running for your life!

The Scarlet Shadow (as the enemy is named) is a tough enemy that is best tackled with an endgame build, so if you happened to meet him while in the early portions of the game, your best bet is to simply run away and pray for the best. You can try your luck and face the game’s Grim Reaper, but be aware that this is basically a boss fight without a proper arena or health bar.

If you somehow manage to overcome this dreadful foe, you’re awarded a good amount of Umbral Scouting and the exclusive Umbral Eye of Marco the Axe. This can be used to enhance your Umbral Lamp even further, which is the least you can get after getting rid of this sinister foe. Oh, it will come back if you doze on the Umbral for too long again, so keep your guard up!

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