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How to Get Tarnation in Destiny 2

Why in tarnation is this gun so hard to get

by Daphne Fama
the witch queen destiny 2 expansion

If you’re searching out the Legendary Grenade Launcher, Tarnation, it’s probably for one of two reasons. You’re going for an Old West theme, and you already have the cowboy hat from Spire of the Watchers, or you’re trying to complete the quest Report: RELIC-DATA that you’ve obtained from the Evidence Board on Mars. It’s certainly not because it has anything else to show for itself. Just look at the blast radius on this thing.

If you’re determined to get the legendary Grenade Launcher Tarnation in Destiny 2, here’s how to do it.

How Do You Get Tarnation in Destiny 2?

Getting Tarnation is straightforward. Head to Fynch’s Planet, Savathun’s Throne World.

There, you’ll find that there’s an assortment of activities available, from Public Events to repeatable and farmable story missions.

Tarnation is a possible drop from many of the activities. Here’s a comprehensive list of all possible activities it can drop from:

  • The Wellspring
  • Public Events
  • Lost Sectors
  • Story Missions

The most efficient method for getting Tarnation is through the Wellspring and modified campaign missions granted by the Hive Ghost, Fynch. Unfortunately, The Wellspring only becomes available after you’ve completed the Witch Queen campaign. As for the modified campaign missions, you’ll need to reach level 13 reputation with Fynch, the vendor for the Throne World.

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But getting to either of these levels is ideal, especially if you’re doing the RELIC-DATA quest, as you’ll need that Tarnation to drop with a red border or Deepsight Resonance. The Wellspring has a higher chance of dropping a Deepsight Resonance. But if you hate doing them, then the modified campaign missions are an option, as they will offer a certain selection of weapons each day. It’s possible that the Tarnation will be among them.

Good luck getting this grenade launcher, Guardian! You’ll probably need it.

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