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How to Defeat Predator in Fortnite

by Morgan Shaver

Predator has officially made its way into Fortnite, which means that players looking to make additional progress on their Jungle Hunter challenges have a few new opportunities available.

Among these include the ability to find and defeat Predator which sounds difficult but is relatively simple once you know what to keep an eye out for. To help, we’ve put together a guide explaining how to defeat Predator in Fortnite.

How to Defeat Predator in Fortnite

The first step when it comes to defeating Predator is finding where Predator is in Fortnite. If you’ve completed any of the other Jungle Hunter challenges such as the one that tasks you with finding a Mysterious Pod, you should be familiar with the northern end of Stealthy Stronghold.

In the image above, we’ve circled the location you’re looking for on the map.

As you might’ve guessed, it’s here that you’ll find Predator. Before you take Predator on, you’ll need to equip yourself with some weapons and supplies as you’ll be a bit screwed if you land there with only a Pickaxe to defend yourself with. 

Predator’s attack primarily consists of a melee strike, so if you can pick up a gun and keep your distance, you should be able to whittle down Predator’s health. Predator moves around quite fast so in some respects, the quicker the weapon the better off you are, especially if you need to reload. 

Another thing you’ll have to manage with Predator is its cloaking ability. You can still see Predator when it’s cloaked, it appears as a faint silhouette that’s odd enough to look at that you’ll be able to identify it as Predator the moment you spot it. 

Keep moving, and keep an eye out to monitor what Predator does. As you observe its movements, it should be easier for you to predict when to shoot, and when to bait Predator into coming a little closer into the range of your weapon. A sniper rifle is really ideal here as you can keep a sizable distance away and still be able to track Predator with the sniper rifle’s scope.

Of course, finding a sniper rifle can sometimes be a luck of the draw situation, so be prepared to fight without one if necessary. Also note that in order to complete this challenge properly, you’ll need to get there either before or at the same time as other Fortnite players looking to cross this Jungle Hunter challenge off their list. 

Dealing with enemy players can be an even bigger pain than dealing with Predator as they can pull your focus away from Predator. One way to deal with this is to land just outside the Stealthy Stronghold area and acquire weapons before going in.

The doored entryways into Stealthy Stronghold will usually lead you to weapons and supplies, but there’s a risk of running into other players before you have a chance to properly prepare yourself. 

If a number of other players are landing in Stealthy Stronghold, don’t worry too much about rushing in. For the most part, they’ll pick each other off in order to get a clear shot at Predator. Once there are fewer enemies, you can head in and start clearing out the rest. 

You can also land on the perimeter walls of Stealthy Stronghold to keep an eye on the situation, and sometimes there will be a few good supplies up there for you to grab before you head into the main Stealthy Stronghold area.

The strategy you employ is entirely up to you. After a few matches, you should have a general idea as to what Predator is going to do, and what other players are going to do. Remain patient, and keep at it and you should eventually be able to complete this Jungle Hunter challenge and defeat Predator.

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