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How to Catch Pokemon Go Straw Hat Pikachu

by Nicholas Barth

Pokemon Go is no stranger to putting on special events for its community where unique versions of Pokemon are available for players to catch. This will be the case when the official crossover between One Piece and Pokemon Go gets underway, as there will be a straw hat wearing Pikachu available for players to add to their collections. If you are curious about how to catch the straw hat Pikachu in Pokemon Go, be sure to check out all of the information you need to know below. 

How to Catch Pokemon Go Straw Hat Pikachu

Players will have the ability to catch this particular version of the franchise’s star character when the One Piece crossover event officially kicks off on Monday, July 22nd. Individuals looking to add the newest version of the creature to their collections will then have until Monday, July 29th to catch the Pokemon Go straw hat wearing Pikachu. 

Those looking to acquire this particular creature will not have to do anything special besides playing the high-profile mobile game during the one week of the One Piece crossover event. 

How to Catch Pokemon Go Straw Hat Pikachu

Players will also be given the ability to have their avatars wear a straw hat to join their new Pikachu in celebrating one of the most popular mangas and animes. 

This One Piece crossover event will follow the conclusion of the Mudkip July Community day. Niantic recently revealed that players who evolve a Marshstomp during the July Community Day will be awarded a Swampert that know’s the July Community Day exclusive move of Hydro Cannon. With these two events right next to each other, there is plenty for players to do at this point of time when it comes to the popular mobile game

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