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Horizon Zero Dawn – How to Get Unlimited Fast Travel

by Josh Hawkins

As you learn your way around the world in Horizon Zero Dawn, you may find yourself wanting to skip the foot travel by fast traveling to campfires that you’ve already visited. This can normally be accomplished with a Fast Travel Pack, but these items only allow you to fast travel once. In this article we’ll show you how to unlock the Golden Fast Travel Pack, which will give you unlimited Fast Travel in Horizon Zero Dawn.

How to Get the Golden Fast Travel Pack

Getting the Golden Fast Travel Pack is actually very easy, so all you will need to do is play through the game until you reach Meridian, the city beyond the mountains where the Nora live.

You can learn more about Fast Travel by checking out our guide on how to Fast Travel, which will go over the basics of Fast Travel and how it works. Once you know how Fast Travel works, it’s time to get your Golden Fast Travel Pack. First, make your way to Meridian. Once you arrive, find one of the Hunter’s Goods merchants around the city. Here you’ll find the price of the Golden Fast Travel Pack. We’ve outlined it below.

In order to purchase the Golden Fast Travel Pack you’re going to need to obtain three primary ingredients. First, you’ll need 50 Shards. These are easy to come by, as they act as the main currency in Horizon Zero Dawn, and you should have more than enough of these by now.

You’ll also need to obtain a Fox Skin, which is somewhat more difficult to get, as they are not guaranteed drops when you kill animals. The best place to find these is to head to areas with lots of forest around them. Foxes are pretty readily available in those areas, and you can normally find one after killing a few animals.

You should also start collecting Fatty Meat, as you’ll need 10 Fatty Meat to pick up the Golden Fast Travel Pack. These can be obtained from any wild animal you kill, so just run around killing animals until you acquire enough.

With the items in two, head back to Meridian and pick up your Golden Fast Travel Pack, which will allow you to travel without any limits to campfires that you’ve discovered throughout the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. For more help, be sure to check out our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, where we have plenty of other helpful guides like how to get the best weapons in the game.

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