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One of the many side objectives in Honkai: Star Rail involves finding someone on the Xianzhou Luofu who knows about music to help the musical Heliobus to complete a melody lost throughout time. And doing this unlisted mini-quest (the Heliobus on Guqin) only takes a few minutes.

How to Find Someone Who Knows About Music in Honkai: Star Rail

Once you fully unlock the Fyxestroll Garden after completing its main Trailblaze Continuation mission, head to the east side and go up through the “elevator” device next to a chest. In this elevated area, climb up the stairs and head to the small circular area where you can find a lone table with an instrument on its top. Speak with it to start a lengthy conversation with a Heliobus.

  • Star Rail Find Someone Who Knows About Music Starting Location
  • Star Rail Find Someone Who Knows About Music Start Point

Keep talking with it until you exhaust all of its dialogue. This one is quite docile, and the stray spirit asks you to find someone to help them complete the guqin’s incomplete melody. Your only tip is that said person can be found in the Xianzhou Luofu, so let’s try looking at the ship’s most populated zone.

Head to the Central Starskiff Haven area and look for Mr. Xiyan in the city’s western portion. Ask him if he knows anyone who knows about music, and he’ll recommend you to visit Ms. Gongyu, who’s in the Exalting Sanctum.

Now go for the Exalting Sanctum in the Synwood Pavillion Space Anchor. Ms. Gongyu is right next to the anchor, so tell her about the current situation, and she’ll inform you more about how the story went and how the composition is already complete. We kind of had a happy end here.

  • Star Rail Find Someone Who Knows About Music Gongyu Location
  • Star Rail Find Someone Who Knows About Music Gongyu

The Heliobus also needs to know about that, so head back to Fyxestroll Garden and speak with it once again once it’s all said and done. The spirit will finally be satisfied, and you can leave with a sense of accomplishment.

How to Complete the Heliobus on Guqin Hidden Quest

In summary, you need to follow these steps to complete this side objective fully:

  • Find the Guqin-playing Heliobus on Fyxestroll Garden’s southeast portion and listen to its requests.
  • Speak with Mr. Xiyan in Central Starskiff Haven, and he’ll give you a hint of who to talk with.
  • Head to the Exalting Sanctum and speak with Gongyu in the northern portion to find a solution.
  • Return to the Heliobus on Fyxestroll Garden and tell him about the song.

After all this running back and forth, you can finally rest easy, as you’ve completed another extra quest in the game. You also get the When Fingertips Sings achievement, so that’s one more to cross off your list.

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