All New Achievements in Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 Listed

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Star Rail 1.5 Version Achievements Featured

The fifth update to Honkai: Star Rail is filled with a few side objectives you might or might not complete while going through some spooky adventures with Huohuo, Guinaifen, and the Luofu crew. Here’s the full list with all of them for you.

All New Achievements in Honkai: Star Rail 1.5

There are 43 new achievements introduced in 1.5, from simply completing the new Trailblaze Quests to combat-specific actions. Some might take some time before you can unlock them, so be patient during your arduous unlocking adventure.

The Rail Unto the Stars

Story achievements are placed here, so you’ll get them by simply completing the main story. Just keep on playing, and you’ll get them eventually.

Achievement NameDescription
Fluffy, Puffy TailCollect ghost stories with the ghost-hunting squad
The Dangers in My HeartExplore supernatural events in Fyxestroll Garden with Guinaifen

Eager for Battle

Combat-focused achievements, as the name implies. Some of those require having specific characters, so they might be out of reach if you’re out of Stellar Jades.

Achievement NameDescription
Come Here! Now Go Away!Use Huohuo’s Technique “Fiend: Impeachment of Evil” and simultaneously cause 6 targets to flee
InfernoHave 4 Flamespawns simultaneously on the field during the “Illusory Maze: Cirrus” challenge
Quintuple SavageSimultaneously trigger 3 or more “Quincunx Smite” and end the battle
Ghosty Scythe of ViceTransform a Trotter into a Trotter with exorcismics
The Real ExorcistComplete any Exorcismal Chronicle stages without taking DMG
Even The Rich Are StarvingEnemies with the “Usurp” anomaly failed to steal Skill Points 5 times when attacking.

Universe in a Nutshell

Universe Simulated achievements. Usually only updated in major SU patches, but sometimes we get a few outliers like this version.

Achievement NameDescription
Knight of Beauty’s Self-HelpReceive a Knight of Beauty’s help with Argenti in your active team in Simulated Universe.

Moment of Joy

Party-related achievements usually go here, along with some other joke and character-specific ones. Usually easy to trigger as long as you have the characters.

Achievement NameDescription
Call Me in Your HeartTriggered 10 unique voice lines when adding characters to a team with Trailblazer
Meta-Guardians of the GalaxyWin 1 battles with a team comprising Argenti and Trailblazer
Strategic RunawayRetreated from battle when all other team members apart from ally Huohuo have been knocked down
Who You Gonna Call?Win 1 battle(s) with a team comprising Huohuo, Sushang, Guinaifen, and Trailblazer.
Good Night Makka PakkaEnter a battle after using Hypnotic Hammer and have any character afflicted with Strong Reverberation.
Mission Impossible?Defeat Phantylia with Huohuo’s Basic ATK “Banner: Stormcaller”

The Memories We Share

The “all-that-you-can-imagine” category for achievements. Everything goes here, from miscellaneous interactions around the map to different quest conclusions. New content usually puts their achievements here, so that’s where you should be looking out for that.

Achievement NameDescription
Wind at Your Back, World in Your SightComplete the mission “Back in Business Epilogue,” and witness Mingxi’s departure
WormageddonComplete the Companion Mission “Night of Universal Hallucinations”
Hello, World!Make a post on the Ghostly Grove website
Hello, New World!Gained a lot of fans on the Ghostly Grove website
Seven Folios of Ether OpusMaster all exorcismics
War on ChessboardComplete all challenges in the Exorcismal Chronicle
Hunt Type InfluencerPosted more “BREAKING NEWS” posts on the Ghostly Grove website
Enigmata Type InfluencerPosted more “Mythopedia” posts on the Ghostly Grove website
Elation Type InfluencerPosted more “Hottest Scoops” posts on the Ghostly Grove website
Well-Balanced InfluencerPosted an equal number of posts with different post styles on the Ghostly Grove website
“Leave a Like!”Liked 15 post(s) on the Ghostly Grove website
Clout Within GraspGave over 10 replies on the Ghostly Grove website
Gathered Is Blazing Fire, Scattered Are Shining StarsCollected 24 dispersed heliobi with “exorcist cycrane”
Boo Ha Ha!Obtained 900 reward(s) from the child’s quiz in Fyxestroll Garden
When Fingertip SingsHelp the guqin heliobus to complete the composition
Mountain of Recto, Water of VersoPerform a duet of Wedding Wine with the Ghost Actor and deliver it perfectly
Apprentice, Disciple, and RenegadePerform a duet of Wedding Wine with the Ghost Actor and mess the lyrics up
The Sorcerer’s TombstoneIn Foxsomn Tomb, decipher the mysterious legacy on the tomb
Close My EyesIn Foxsomn Tomb, encounter the tombstone’s owner
Legen… Wait for It… Dary!Obtain a golden reward in the new Celestial Jade gameplay mode!
Pale FireInsist in taking the heliobus away despite Wenyuan and Ruoxi’s earnest pleas
To Your EternityChoose to let the heliobus go amid Wenyuan and Ruoxi’s earnest pleas
To the World’s EndRelease Arkeri into the universe beyond after touring the Luofu with it
Inhibitor HeliobaeSeal Arkeri within the suppression tower after touring the Luofu with it
High Elder Here, Pay UpReceive a fraud message pretending to be from the high elder at Fyxestroll Garden

Fathom the Unfathomable

Harder achievements that you eventually come across after completing more excruciating tasks. Usually the most time-consuming on the lists.

Achievement NameDescription
Through the Narrows to Paradise BeyondPass through the bronze mirror and obtain the treasure hidden on the floating island.
The Golem: How He Came into the WorldIn Fyxestroll Garden, obtain a total of 9 “Pathfinder” rewards

I, Trailblazer

System and progression-related achievements usually go here. It’s pretty straightforward to get.

Achievement NameDescription
Orderly EntranceBrowse the Guest Book for the first time

And that’s it! Have fun with your Huohuo and Argenti pulls, and don’t forget to get the achievements for those, too! Regardless of which banner you’re rolling in this version, more achievements always mean more Jades, so don’t miss them.

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