Honkai: Star Rail: How to Get The First Step of the Future Achievement

The first steps of helping your local newspaper

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The 1.4 update for Honkai: Star Rail brought some interesting new content to the game despite having a smaller duration compared to other patches. Alongside the new characters Jingliu, Topaz and Guinaifen, we also got tons of new achievements, including The First Step of the Future. This is one of the few achievements actually shown to the player before unlocking it, and it’s coincidently one of the easiest to get.

How to Unlock The First Step of the Future Achievement in Honkai: Star Rail

Located in The Memories We Share achievement category, The First Step of the Future is obtained by purchasing the Miners Weekly Issue 226 from Alexis, the Newspaper Seller in Belobog. You can find him as soon as you teleport to the Administrative District in Jarilo-VI. Just walk directly to him and buy the most recent issue for 5,000 Credits.

This item won’t be available for purchase until you complete the Trailblaze Continuance Mission “Future Market,” where you meet Topaz, and all the stuff involving the IPC happens. Once it’s all done, Alexis will have this exemplar ready for you to buy for a few credits. You also get 5 Stellar Jades for that.

  • Star Rail First Step of the Future Location
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This particular Traiblaze Mission is one of the update’s main features, and should be done as soon as possible in order to unlock the Aetherium Wars event (also permanently available through the Conventional Memoir). Although this definitely-not-Pokemon game being mentioned in the paper, you don’t need to finish the whole event to get the Miners Weekly available at the store.

Since there isn’t much going on for this update, chasing for some simple achievements can be a good way of spending time with the Astral Express if you feel like playing for a bit. Or maybe you can just take a few photos of your recently-pulled Jingliu. Without her blindfold, of course.

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