How to Remove Jingliu’s Blindfold in Honkai: Star Rail

Let that girl see the light of sun

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Jingliu’s not actually blind, but she still has to use her blindfold to keep her sanity in check. She doesn’t care about that while fighting, but she’s quite diligent on any other occasion. This is a pity with those mesmerizing eyes of hers that I’m sure anyone would love to keep staring at and take some photos. Well, there’s a way you can actually do it, and it’s time to explain just that.

How to See Jingliu’s Eyes in Honkai: Star Rail

While Jingliu reveals her eyes whenever she’s transformed, when using her Technique and during one of her Idles, it never lasts forever. There’s no toggle on/off option for her blindfold, but you can make her eyes visible indefinitely with a simple trick thanks to Photo Mode.

With Jingliu as the lead, open Photo Mode through the game’s menu and open the Camera Settings option at the top left corner. Select “Turn character around” and quickly change tabs to Action. Select “Idle Action 2” and quickly close Photo Mode. You should still see some dark fog around her when closing the menus.

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If done correctly, Jingliu will be without her trademark blindfold for as long as you want to. She puts it back if you let her do Idle 2 again or if you go through any lengthy loading screen. This includes entering battles and changing maps. Teleporting to another Anchor on the same map or opening your items/characters menu will keep her eyes revealed, though.

While this is a small exploit, you shouldn’t get in trouble for that since it doesn’t mess with files or affect your gameplay in any invasive way. A similar mini-exploit has existed in Genshin Impact for years and hasn’t been patched out.

People weren’t punished for using it to take cooler screenshots either, so you’re probably safe if all you want is to appreciate Jingliu’s beauty after working so hard to build her up.

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