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Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 Version Livestream Delayed, New Dates Announced

A few more hours until the showcase

by Patrick Souza
Star Rail 1.1 Livestream Delay

Have you woken up early to see the new Star Rail Special Program Livestream and all of that cool new stuff coming to the game? Me neither! But no worries, the stream was delayed anyway. Thanks to some unforeseen technical problems, Hoyoverse was forced to delay the official announcements a little bit. The good part? We get free Stellar Jades as compensation and we know what’s coming in the update regardless of that!

Star Rail 1.1 Livestream New Date Announced

Thanks to those aforementioned problems, the Livestream was pushed back to the next day, May 27th at 11:30 (UTC+8). This translates to May 26th 20:30 (PDT), so make sure to appropriately convert to your timezone so you won’t miss it.

The live stream will happen as usual despite the delay, and we’ll get various announcements for the upcoming banners, events, story updates and such. And our job as viewers is to pretend not to already know absolutely everything that’s to be announced. And no, I’m not referring to leaks. The live already happened officially. It just wasn’t in our language.

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China Is Always The Favorite Child

The Chinese livestream went out as normal at the current time. Seems like they have better cables out there. So, while the West still waits for a more globally comprehensible stream, Eastern audiences already had the good news.

And so will have you now! Silver Wolf and Luocha, in this specific order, are confirmed as the next banners. 1.1 will also be packed with more events compared to 1.0, to the point where we’ll get a free 4-star Light Cone out of it. 

The new 4-star character Yukong will also be distributed for free sometime later in 1.2. A new area in Belebog will be made available, but there were no traces of a new Trailblaze story. We get 4 new character stories instead for Silver Wolf, Luocha, Bailu and Yangqing.

Codes were distributed alongside the run, but they won’t do you any good outside of the chinese servers. Gotta wait for the official live to give us some of our own later.

Image via Hoyoverse

Other additions include a new friend chat and a new Daily Log-in. But differently from the browser one we already have, it’s an in-game containing… 10 free Pulls! Another win for Star Rail.

But hey, it’ll still take a few more weeks before all of that actually hits the main servers, so don’t forget to make your regular Daily Check ins while waiting for the global live!

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