Holiday Gift Guide for the Elden Ring Fan in Your Life (2023)

The ultimate holiday gift for the Elden Ring fan in all of our lives!

Elden Ring Torrent
Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring is the type of game that keeps on giving, but when it comes to the holiday season, choosing the right gift feels harder than beating Radahn. That’s why you have us to help you with an Elden Ring gift guide this year!

Holiday Gift Guide for the Elden Ring Fan in Your Life (2023)

Despite its difficulty and reputation, Elden Ring continues to reign supreme as one of the top role-playing games in the world. And now, everyone eagerly awaits the upcoming expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree.

But if the Elden Ring fan in your life (or you!) can’t wait for more in-game content, why not take the love of the game to the real world with these top-rated gifts for the holiday season?!

Message LED Lamp

Elden Ring Message Lamp
Image via Bandai Namco

What do you have adorning your desk right now? Is it completely bare? If so, if the work day is really dragging on and you need just a hint of motivation, then this Message LED Lamp from Bandai Namco, featuring the iconic “Don’t give up!” from Elden Ring, should brighten up your day a bit!

With its hand-painted resin base featuring light-rune runic symbols from the game, and an acrylic panel with the message engraved within, this is one lamp that should remain on at all times.

You can purchase the Elden Ring Message LED Lamp directly from the Bandai Namco merchandise store for $119.99.

Elden Ring: Official Art Book Volume 1

Elden Ring Art Book
Image via Amazon

Did you know there is an official art book for Elden Ring? Even better is it’s a two-part series, both hardcover books, with tons of high-quality images from the game. As someone who collects video game art books, this was news to me and has me overly excited to get my hands on both books this holiday season!

The first hardcover book features 432 pages of artwork from the game, including concept and development art, key art from the intro cinematic, and art from the game’s dungeons, along with countless characters, weapons, and armor.

It’s the perfect gift for any fan, and it’s available on Amazon for $59.99, though it regularly goes on sale for around $46.

Rivers of Blood Replica Sword

Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Replica Sword
Image via NeonWedding

If you don’t mind spending a little extra on a single item this holiday season, when compared to a hardcover book or figurine, for instance, then this replica sword from Elden Ring is the ultimate gift. It’s one that everyone, not just the gift receiver, will remember!

Rivers of Blood is one of the most potent katanas in Elden Ring, with high Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane scaling ability to inflict high-damage Slash and Pierce attacks. But to get your hands on the real-world version, you don’t need to defeat Bloody Finger Okina. You need to visit Etsy!

The Rivers of Blood Replica Sword from Elden Ring is available from NeonWedding on Etsy for an astounding $159.98, which is the sale price down from its usual $228.55!

Elden Ring Map Displate

Elden Ring Map Displate
Image via Displate

If you enjoy video game maps as I do but don’t want to learn Europa Universalis IV, may I recommend this exquisite game map from Elden Ring by Displate? It’s a high-quality metal print of the game’s in-game world, with intricate detail and landmarks present, that comes in either matte or gloss finish and with or without a frame.

Displate is known for its quality metal prints, which use a magnet to hang from your wall without any mess or the need for a hammer. The downside is their cost, which can be pretty pricey for some. But as this is a holiday gift guide, price concerns typically fall by the wayside.

This Elden Ring Map, available on Displate, sells for $49 or $99, depending on your desired size, and the site regularly holds sales.

Elden Ring Charms

Elden Ring Charms
Image via SiggyKuuSwag

If your goal is to find a stocking stuffer or more affordable present for the Elden Ring fan in your life, then Etsy user SiggyKuuSwag should be your go-to for adorable charms from the game.

You can find a selection of different characters, including:

  • Ranni
  • Blaidd
  • Melania
  • Rogier
  • Rya

Each charm is made of handmade gold-rimmed acrylic, and is approximately two inches in size. They’re the perfect adornment to any backpack or purse for fans of the game.

If you want to score an Elden Ring Charm, head on over to SiggyKuuSwag’s Etsy shop, where these charms sell for $12.00 apiece!

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