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Butterfly and chest locations in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Hogwarts Legacy is an enchanting open-world game chock full of side quests and hidden things to discover, such as following butterflies to chests. In this guide, we’ll reveal all fifteen butterfly locations and give tips on how to get there.

How to Start Finding the Butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy

Talk to the NPC Clementine Willardsey in the Three Broomsticks to start the “Follow the Butterflies” side quest. You will need to head to the spot where she thinks there are butterflies. Once you’ve spotted them, follow them until they reach a patch of flowers and reveal a treasure chest. While this short jaunt will conclude Willardsey’s interest, there are still more butterflies, leading to additional chests.

How to Find Butterflies

The best way to find the butterflies is by using Revelio. This spell reveals nearby points of interest, and despite not highlighting them, it does show the butterflies’ location on the map. Once you’ve found them, you can follow them visually or use Revelio to track their path that way.

Forbidden Forest (2)

First Butterfly Location for Quest

Clementine Willardsey’s butterflies are on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest by a bridge. If you’re tracking the Finding the Butterflies quest, your mini map will show a specific area you need to search, making this one of the easiest ones to find. This is the only butterfly location you need to report back to Willardsey, but there isn’t a specific time frame. If you decide to find the rest of the butterflies, you can un-track the “Follow the Butterflies” quest because it won’t help you find any more.

By Forbidden Forest Lake

You can find another set of butterflies further into the Forbidden Forest, east of Jackdaw’s Tomb Floo connection. They’re located just past the lake along a path. Follow them along the path against the mountain and past a bandit camp until they stop outside a rundown building. There are several Inferi nearby. However, you can collect the chest without dealing with them.

North Ford Bog

Another group of butterflies is in the northernmost part of the map, located just north of the Pitt-Upon-Ford hamlet in the North Ford Bog region. If you’ve already activated the Pitt-Upon-Ford Floo network, you can travel here and follow the path to the east. However, if you don’t have any Floo networks unlocked, the best method is to fly or use another mount.

North Hogwarts Region

There are butterflies in the North Hogwarts Region on the far west side of the map. Aside from a mount, the fastest way to travel here is to use the East North Hogwarts Floo. From here, all you have to do is stick to the path. Follow the river west, keeping the bandit camps on your right, and you’ll eventually find the butterflies along the bank.

East Hogsmeade Valley

For your next set of butterflies, head to the east of Hogsmeade. There aren’t any nearby Floo locations unless you count the ones in Hogsmeade. So, you’ll need to fly or walk to get closer. These butterflies are located just past the lake, closer to the hills on the east. They’ll take you right by a Merlin’s Trial.

South Hogwarts Region (3)

West of Quidditch Pitch

You’ll find another set of butterflies tucked in the cliffs to the west of the Quidditch Pitch. While there aren’t any nearby Floo locations, it is close to Hogwarts and is relatively easy to get to. Regardless, you’ll want your broom for this one since navigating the high hills will be difficult.

South of Aranshire

The next butterflies are on the eastern portion of the South Hogwarts Region just south of Aranshire. You can use the Aranshire Floo to get to them, then follow the path to the south. If you haven’t activated the floo yet, then walking or flying from Hogsmeade is the easiest way. You’ll find the butterflies near the Merlin’s Trial just outside the hamlet.

West of Brocburrow

If you are at the Aranshire butterfly location, all you have to do to reach the next set of butterflies is head south along the path. It’s a short walk or flight from there. However, you can also use the Central Hogwarts Valley Floo and head to the east. These butterflies are by a bridge to the far west of Brocburrow.

Hogwarts Valley (2)

East of Keenbridge

From the Brocburrow butterflies, head south, past Keenbridge, until you reach a large river. Follow the river east, and you’ll find the butterflies along the northern banks. Otherwise, the fastest way to get there is from the Keenbridge Floo and then follow the river to the butterflies.

West of Keenbridge

You can also find another set of butterflies on the opposite side of Keenbridge. So, either use the Keenbridge floo and head west or fly from your current location. You’ll find the butterflies just past a rundown building with a chest.

Feldcroft Region (2)

North of Feldcroft

A group of butterflies is north of Feldcroft near a cliff with a treasure chest. There are some floo locations in the general vicinity of the butterflies; however, it will take some journeying to make it there. You can use the North Feldcroft floo location, then head southwest towards the cliffs.

Southeast of Feldcroft

The second butterfly location in the Feldcroft region is also far from any floo connections. For this one, you’ll need to fly south from the Feldcroft or Irondale Floo locations. The butterflies are by the edge of the cliff and will take you right outside a bandit camp.

Poidseer Coast (2)

Outside Coastal Cavern

The only way to get to the southernmost butterflies is to traverse through the cave just past the bandit camp in the Coastal Cavern, south of the South Sea Bog. There is no way to fly over the area. The enemies here are pretty strong, and an infamous enemy is hanging around. However, once you make it through, the group of butterflies is a short distance from the southern Coastal Cave entrance.

Near Marunweem Lake

The next set of butterflies is further south by Marunweem Lake. If you’ve activated the floo networks in this area, you can head to the South Poidsear Coast location. After you exit the building, the butterflies are outside by a small fence. They’ll lead you across the bridge and behind a building.

Clagmar Coast

The last set of butterflies is far south and west of Cragcroft. If you’ve activated the floo networks, Cragcroft Shore or the West Manor Cape locations will be the closest ones. Use one of these, then travel south. Otherwise, you’ll need to fly from South Poidsear Coast. You’ll find the final butterflies near a bandit camp and other large enemies. Follow the butterflies until you reach the chest, which happens to be near the valuable resource, Ashwinder Eggs.

With that, you’ve located all the butterflies and have collected a ton of collectibles that you can use elsewhere. While you’re exploring, you may run into other side quests you can tackle. Check out our guide on how to complete the Hippogriff Marks the Spot Quest in the Poidsear Coast region.

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