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Hitman 2 – Santa Fortuna: Three-Headed Serpent – Silent Assassin, Suit Only

by Larryn Bell

If you hope to achieve Silent Assassin, Suit Only in Hitman 2’s Santa Fortuna mission, you’ll need to come prepared. In this guide, we’ll explain what you need to do to eliminate all three targets and unlock the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge for the Three-Headed Serpent mission in Santa Fortuna in Hitman 2. Credit to MrFreeze2244 for providing the steps to this walkthrough.

Silent Assassin, Suit Only – Santa Fortuna

Before you head to Santa Fortuna to attempt the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge for the Three-Headed Serpent mission in Hitman 2, you’ll want to bring along a lockpick during the planning phase. You should have a lockpick if you’ve reached Mastery Level 2 in the Miami mission. Equip the lockpick to your gear slot, then begin the mission.

At the start of the mission, head up the street to the north and enter the wooden gate just around the corner on the right. Hop over the broken piece of wall beside the basketball hoop, then climb through the window on the first floor of the building ahead. Pass through the room and exit through the window on the opposite side. Shimmy to the right past the pipe and climb through the window to the bathroom.

The general plan for achieving Silent Assassin, Suit Only for the Santa Fortuna mission is to create a series of distractions that will help clear a path for you later. In the bathroom, turn on the sink to cause it to overflow, then hide to the right of the door. As the guard enters to investigate, sneak up behind him and perform a stealth takedown. Take his pistol, then drag the body to the wicker chest in the back corner.

Target #1 – Andrea Martinez

Exit through the window you entered through and slide past the pipe back to the window on the left. Here, one of two events can unfold. Either the target, Andrea Martinez, will send her assistant to investigate the overflow in the bathroom, or she will do it herself. If she sends her assistant, then you will want to wait beside the window of the first room and eliminate her when she enters. If she heads to the bathroom to investigate, return to the bathroom window and shoot her there. Use your sense to track the targets movements. 

If the target enters the bathroom, wait for her to turn off the overflowing faucet first before shooting her, otherwise more guards will be attracted to your location. Once you have eliminated Andrea Martinez, hide her body in the chest in the back corner of the bathroom as you did before.

Target #2 – Jorge Franco

Exit through the bathroom door, then go through the gate and down the steps. Continue down the path along the water and make your way across the bridge and into the tunnel. Don’t go all the way through the tunnel, though. About halfway through, look for a small opening on the left. Climb over the railing and continue down the path.

Keep to the left and look for a locked gate. Pick the lock on the gate with the lockpick you brought with you prior to the mission. You can use your pistol to unlock certain doors as well, but the lockpick makes things much easier. As you round the corner to the right, wait for the two guards to pass by crouching in the bushes for cover. 

Continue along the path until you reach a small footbridge where two guards are stationed across the way. Crouch into the foliage and sneak through the area, keeping some distance between you and the guards to avoid getting detected. Make your way to the building with the rusted roof and shoot the security camera. Pass around the shed to the left and locate the air conditioner on the side of the adjacent building. Shoot the security camera above, then turn off the air conditioner to create a distraction.

Neutralize the guard when he comes out to investigate, then drag his body into the nearby dumpster. Unlock the door with your lockpick, then climb inside the box and wait for the target, Jorge Franco, to arrive. When the target comes in, wait for him to make a call on the radio near the chair in the corner. Shoot and eliminate the target, then put the body in the crate you were hiding in.

Target #3 – Rico Delgado

The third and final target, Rico Delgado, is located not to far from where you’re at. Exit the flower shed and head through the brick tunnel nearby. Lockpick the gate to reach the lakeside area. Watch out for the guard on the dock as you come around the corner to the left.

Sneak along the perimeter and go up the staircase on the left. Keeping to the left, sneak past the maids and through the door to the bathroom up the short steps. Delgado is in the adjacent room. When the target passes to the room with the maids, turn on the sink to create another overflow distraction. Hide behind the door as you did for the first target, and wait for Delgado to come in. Eliminate the target with a headshot to dispatch him quickly, then drag the body into the cabinet.

Now that the final target has been taken care of, it’s time to make your way towards the exit. Go back the way you came, making sure not to attract the attention of the house maid as you go downstairs. Head through the tunnel once more and pass around the back of the flower shed where you killed the second target. Your escape helicopter will be waiting for you at the docks. 

If you followed the steps in this guide, you should be able to unlock Silent Assassin, Suit Only for the Three-Headed Serpent mission in Santa Fortuna. If you have yet to achieve Silent Assassin, Suit Only for the previous chapters in Hitman 2, head over to our Miami  and Hawke’s Bay guides for details. 

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