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Harvestella: Castle of Illusion Puzzle Guide

It'll keep you guessing for all four seasons.

by Matt Vatankhah

In Chapter Four of Harvestella, you and the gang will head towards the Castle of Illusion to save Aria after she’s been taken by Geist and the Omens. Battling your way through corridors filled with machines and monsters alike, you’ll eventually come upon a room with four uniquely decorated crystals that you’re able to interact with, along with a locked door. On the other side of the room sits an electronic panel that displays an ominous message when clicked on. You probably see where this is going, right? Keep reading to learn how to solve the Castle of Illusion Puzzle in Harvestella.

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Harvestella: Castle of Illusion Puzzle Guide

By examining the panel at the beginning of the room, the following message is displayed:

The path will open to those who visit Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.”

One look at the four crystals in the middle of the room will tell you that they each represent the four seasons. So, the only thing left is to interact with them in the order the hint tells you. If you need help differentiating between the Spring and Summer crystals, no worries, just check out the image below.

Screenshots by Prima Games
  • Spring Monolite, Summer Monolite, Fall Monolite, Winter Monolite

Careful, clicking on the wrong crystal will result in an ambush of monsters, and you’ll have to restart the process over again. Once all four crystals are clicked correctly, the door at the end of the room will unlock, leading to two more electronic panels and another locked door. One of the panels unlocks another quarter of the main security system, while the other displays another ominous message:

“The four demons nest. One emerges from the earth. One locked in ice. One wandering the heavens. One slumbering in a mountain stream.”

While it’s not as easy of a riddle as the previous, solving it involves the same four crystals, just in a different order. This portion of the puzzle is optional, as you’ve already unlocked the security system, but rewards you with a rare recipe and some extra materials if solved. This time, the order is as follows:

Screenshots by Prima Games
  • Summer Monolite, Winter Monolite, Spring Monolite, Fall Monolite

Solving this puzzle unlocks the door in the room with the hint you just read, which leads to the Philosopher’s Orb Recipe, along with a couple mining nodes to grab some Gold Ore from.

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