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Harry Potter Name Generator: How to Create a Name for your Hogwarts Legacy Wizard

No, "Parry Hotter" isn't a good name.

by Matt Vatankhah
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One of the toughest decisions you’ll make in the entirety of gaming is naming your custom character, and it’s a choice that may take hours to finally decide on if you’re out of ideas. Something too generic won’t impress anyone, and something too random is just creatively bankrupt – no, you want something that’s unique and fitting for the game you’re playing. Luckily, with the Harry Potter universe and fanbase being as vast as it is, there’s plenty of name generators online for you to take advantage of. If you’re stuck on creating a name for your Hogwarts Legacy character, check out these Harry Potter name generators below.

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Harry Potter Name Generators – Creating the Perfect Name for your Hogwarts Legacy Character

Name generators have been a thing on the internet for decades, and when it comes to Harry Potter generators, the list is long. We’ll narrow it down to our three favorite websites to check out, which will give you plenty of creative options for your Hogwarts Legacy character to finally call themselves.

Inglenook Name Generator

The Inglenook Name Generator isn’t actually supposed to be a Harry Potter-themed naming system, but because it creates names from a mixture of Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Greek, and Latin influences, it ends up working as one anyway. Just click the Generate button until you see something you like!

Bloomsbury Harry Potter Name Generator

For something tailored more towards the Wizarding World, the Bloomsbury Harry Potter Name Generator is your answer. Allowing you to enter a first and last name, the generator will often pop out some silly, Potter-appropriate names to choose from.

Fanbolt Harry Potter Name Generator

The Fanbolt Harry Potter Name Generator also gives you a bit of variable to play with before generating a name. With this one, you’ll be able to enter your name (or nickname) and pick a Hogwarts House to grab inspiration from. Check this one out if you’re set on a Slytherin style.

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