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GTA 5 Online: Rockstar Verified Deathmatch – SEAL TEAM SIX Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Deathmatch Info

Number of Players:  4-16
Rank Required: 1
Teams: 2
Type: Team Deathmatch
Weapons: RPGs, Miniguns, Heavy Snipers
Vehicles: Tanks, Jets, Choppers

GTA Online’s Seal Team Six Rockstar verified deathmatch is an all out war. If you’re playing with forced weapons on, the RPG is your starting weapon. In addition, you’ll have access to jets, tanks and choppers, all within a short run of your starting position. There’s also plenty of body armor and fewer weapons.

For the most part, your opponents should dictate your course of action. However, whatever you decide to do, you need to do quickly. Because of this, your initial action will need to be offensive so you can see how your opponent’s will react, then you can develop a counter strategy.

There’s plenty of open space in this deathmatch, so you can’t hang around the starting area too long. Instead, send one player to the jets while the others take cover. The player in the jet should get a better view of your opponent’s strategies, then you can plan your counter strategy.

If your opponents are using the jets, make it an aerial battle by placing most of your team in jets as well. It’s good to keep at least one or two members of your team on the ground so they can take out jets with RPGs. If the opponents are mainly in jets, RPGs work much better than tanks. In fact, the tanks make for easy targets.

If your opponents use tanks as their primary offense, jets are the best counter strategy. You can use RPGs from the ground as well, but the tanks offer far more firepower compared to your RPG. Going head to head in tanks is also an option, but you won’t have any real advantage. Jets give you the best advantage.

Helicopters should be avoided for the most part. They’re relatively easy to hit with almost every other weapon available on this map. In addition, they’re harder to control for most people, so unless you have a team of people you know, avoid the choppers.

If you remain on the ground, aerial opponents can spot you. If this happens, you need to get in the air quickly, or at the very least, take cover. If an opposing team comes at you from all fronts, using tanks on land and jets in the air, you need to divide your team as well.

You don’t necessarily need even numbers of tanks and jets, especially if you have skilled players. However, you need to stop the opponent’s jets from taking out your land-based players. You can do this with RPGs from the ground, but a jet-to-jet battle is the best course of action because the opposing jets will have to engage them instead of focusing on the ground.

There are several strategies for this deathmatch, but the key is to get one of your teammates in the air and scope out what the opposing team is trying to do. You need to have constant surveillance of the opposing team so you can change your strategy on the fly.

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