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God of War Ragnarok – The Plains Nornir Chest Solutions

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Nornir Chest Vanaheim

There are two Nornir Chests that you can open in The Plains of Vanaheim as you reach the end of God of War Ragnarok. This area is already fairly confusing to traverse, and to make things even better, the chests are a bit more hidden than your average loot containers.

Like any other chests in the game though, the right tools and knowing the location can help us get the loot that Kratos deserves. If you don’t have all the health and rage upgrades, this is a great way to do it. Even if you do, there is still loot involved and we’ll explain how to get it.

The Plains Nornir Chest #1 – God of War Ragnarok

Our first Nornir Chest is located toward the easter side of The Plains in Vanaheim, well beyond the frozen lightning bolt in the center of the area. The chest is located below a small cliff and can be spotted easily, but we need to get above it. Loop all the way around from the right side until you find the Eastern Plains Mystic Gateway. Next to this gateway, you’ll find one of the bells covered in bramble. Burn this bramble off first then jump back down to the chest.

Two of the bells are located right near the Nornir Chest. One is behind it, one is to the left just above the chest, and the third is on the cliff that we cleared up. Hit all of these as fast as possible to open up the chest and claim your loot. You’ll have a bit of extra time for this one so don’t sweat the run to the left, but time is still important.

The Plains Nornir Chest #2 – God of War Ragnarok

The second chest in the plains is located on the opposite side of The Plains all the way to the west. If you have the Western Plains Mystic Gate unlocked, you need to head to the left through one of the open gates. Clearing this area and taking out one of the named Travelers will open up the chain to open the gate below. Now you can head to the other path to the left that has the poison totems.

Head to the poison totems arena and clear out all the enemies. The Nornir Chest is located in this arena, and instead of bells, you’ll notice the small statues with runes around the area. These aren’t the statues that need the Draupnir Spear, so simply throw any weapon at them and they’ll break. One is in the large tree stump, one is located all the way to the left in the arena, and the third can be found behind the poison totem in the back.

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