Ghostrunner 2: How to Equip Cosmetics

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Ghostrunner 2 Motorcycle Section
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While the default cosmetics of Ghostrunner 2 are plenty sufficient, sometimes it’s nice to get all styled up and ready for slaughter. Here’s how to equip cosmetics in Ghostrunner 2.

How to Change Cosmetics in Ghostrunner 2

To equip new cosmetics in Ghostrunner 2, enter the game and proceed until you can play as Jack. From here, press Tab on keyboard, the Share button on Xbox, or Trackpad on PlayStation to open up the Upgrades menu. Then, select the Armory to pull up a list of all cosmetics that you currently own, along with slots for cosmetics you don’t currently own. Simply select the Sword, Gloves, and Motorcycle skin that you want, then jump back in-game to see them in action.

How to Unlock New Cosmetics in Ghostrunner 2

If you want to snag some more cosmetics for yourself in Ghostrunner 2, there are a few ways you can unlock new ones. The first one is to purchase one of the more expensive editions, such as the Deluxe Edition or Brutal Edition. The Deluxe Edition will score you four more gloves and four more swords for use. The Brutal Edition will give you one more of each, along with a motorcycle skin. The Brutal Edition also comes with the Season Pass, which will grant a ton more cosmetics when they release after launch.

The other method is to find them in the game. There are cosmetics scattered around various levels that can be found and unlocked, with the first level for example granting two swords if found. The Roguerunner gamemode (unlocked partway through the Ghostrunner 2 story) can also grant some cosmetics for completing select challenges in the mode. Some of these free cosmetics can be quite nice, so be sure to hunt them out.

If you’re looking for more details on your run-through, check out our guide on all secrets in Ghostrunner 2’s first level Uninvited Guests.

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