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Ghostrunner 2: All Uninvited Guests Secrets

Uninvited guests, but very invited loot.

There are tons of secrets scattered all across Ghostrunner 2 to find, with cosmetics and simple collectibles proving a tough challenge. Kicking things off right, here are all secrets and their locations for Ghostrunner 2’s first level, Uninvited Guests.

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Ghostrunner 2 Uninvited Guests Secret Locations

In total, the Uninvited Guests level houses two swords and five artifacts for you to locate. Their locations are as follows:

Secret #1

The first secret is found not far into the level, located on an upper catwalk that’s seemingly blocked off. To access it, continue through until you come upon an L-shaped room leading to another fight. Instead of going through the next door, head through the nearby tunnel, where you’ll find the first secret.

Secret #2

The second secret is pretty straightforward to find. Once you make it to the large area with all the containers, it’ll be perched up on a few of them. Use the nearby containers to climb up, then jump across and snag the secret.

Secret #3

The third secret is also within the container section. Up on some containers will be a small side path, leading to the game’s third secret. It’s tough to miss, especially since it’s not far from where you go to continue through the level.

Secret #4

The fourth secret can be found in the next arena you come across, located with some fans near the side of the arena. To get into it, head to the red side path pictured above, and jump up. Then, smash through the grate to reach the secret.

Secret #5

In the same room as the first optional challenge, you’ll find some containers in one of the corners. Head behind them to find the fifth and final secret artifact.

Sword #1

The first of the two swords in Uninvited Guests can be found when parkouring to the next combat arena. As you reach a place to grind down to a jump pad, you’ll spot the sword behind a wall to your right. Follow the adjacent pipe until you come across a breakable wall, then break it and follow through until you reach the sword.

Sword #2

The second sword is a cheeky one, found within the final combat arena before the elevator. In this room, you’ll find a large billboard which you can use your Gap Jammer to pull down. Behind will be a vent, which you can head through to find the second sword.

If you’re wanting to equip your new swords, check out our guide on how to equip cosmetics in Ghostrunner 2.

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