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Ghost Recon Wildlands – How to Extract Nidia Flores

by Josh Hawkins

Now that you’ve caused a ton of irreparable damage to El Sueño’s smuggling operation, the drug kingpin has sent a team of elite soldiers to take out Nidia Flores and her daughter, Valeria. Your mission is to find the head of the smuggling operation and extract her at all costs. Here we’ll break down the best way to enter the compound, as well as offer some additional tactics to help you extract Nidia Flores in Ghost Recon Wildlands and complete this mission.

How to Extra Nidia Flores

You’ll only obtain this mission after you complete the main mission El Boquita, and all the main missions in the smuggling-related provinces of Caimanes, Barvechos, Mojocoyo, Remanzo, Inca Camina (if ULC is active), and Koani. At this point the last member of El Sueño’s smuggling ring is Nidia Flores, the Underboss in charge of running the entire operation.

There isn’t really any reason to go stealth on this mission, as you won’t have time to sneak around the base waiting for enemies to line up just the right way so you can take them down. Instead, take those suppressors off and bring your best weapons along, as you’re going to need them. We’ve outlined two ways that you can enter the base below, so take a look to see which ways work best for you.

The Easy Way

The easiest way to complete this mission is to bring a helicopter along for the ride. Simply fly in over the base and land right on top of the roof garden, right next to the large cartel chopper that Nidia and her daughter have taken position by. Then, just drop off the roof garden to the cartel chopper below, and lead Nidia into the cartel helicopter. Her daughter will automatically follow you, so don’t worry too much about her.

With your target in the helicopter, take off and make your way over to the rally point which should be marked on your map. Once there, drop her off and complete the mission.

The Hard Way

If you want to go in guns blazing, and aren’t for doing things the easy way, then this route is for you. We’d suggest bringing along some friends, as there are going to be a ton of enemies coming at you, but overall you shouldn’t have too much trouble if you have a good assault rifle to count on.

The best way to enter is from the vehicle parking entrance on the northern side of the hacienda. Make your way in through here, and be sure to make note of any vehicles that might work for your escape, if you plan to come back out via the road.

Fight your way into the hacienda, and into a side corridor. You’ll find a set of steps that lead up to the roof from here. This leads you directly to Nidia, but also gives you the option of having to fight some of the Cartel’s goons.

The Really Hard Way

If you’re just looking to bleed, you can enter the compound through the main entrance and make your way up to the roof. This will put you against most of the enemies that enter the area, and is by far the most difficult way to enter from.

Once you drop Nidia off at the rally point, the mission will complete and your job will be over, for now. You can return to our Ghost Recon Wildlands guide for more helpful articles like this. You should also make sure you’re properly equipped with our guide on how to unlock all the weapons in the game.

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