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Getting the Legion of Dawn Armor In Anthem

by Prima Games Staff

Origin Access Premiere subscribers can blast off into Anthem ahead of everyone else. But as they explore the world of action and adventure, some are wondering how they can redeem the exclusive Legion of Dawn armor that comes with pre-orders and the purchase of the Legion of Dawn Edition. Fortunately, the process is fairly easy and straightforward. Follow these steps, and soon you’ll be flying around in Anthem’s Legion of Dawn gear.

Getting the Legion of Dawn Armor Set in Anthem

The process is simple, but takes a bit of time before you get far enough into the game gain access to these cosmetic items.

It starts with completing the first two tutorial missions. Once those are done, you’ll need to speak to Prospero at his For Tarsis stall. Finish his mission and then talk to Prospero again.

With all that done, open the Anthem store by pressing the escape key, then switch to the Featured tab. Hold down escape again to access another section of the store. You’ll be able to pick up the Legion of Dawn armor from the Rewards tab.

After you finish redeeming the armor, you’ll be able to customize your Javelin with Legion of Dawn armor pieces so you can look good while battling enemies.

That’s all it takes. Good luck out there, Freelancer!

Prima Games Staff

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