How to Get the Boulder Breaker in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Complete the side quest: Soul of the Goron.

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The Boulder Breaker in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a special weapon for the folk of Goron. It’s a two-handed weapon with robust durability and unmatched power. It’s a weapon that can do all the work, such as killing strong foes and breaking oversized boulders, as the weapon’s title suggests.

To get the Boulder Breaker in Tears of the Kingdom, you need a weapon found only in Goron and items you should have on hand from your exploration of Hyrule, the Great Sky Islands, and the Depths. If you’re missing a few materials, don’t fret; I’ll give you some tips on where to find them. Here’s how to get the Boulder Breaker in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Getting the Boulder Breaker in Tears of the Kingdom

To acquire the Boulder Breaker, head to the location and coordinates displayed on the map and speak to the blacksmiths: Rohan and Fugo. This will commence the side quest “Soul of the Goron.”

A dialogue will play out with the two debating whether Fugo has the experience to make the Boulder Breaker or not. They will then instruct you on what’s needed to craft the Soul of the Goron weapon. Below is a list of the materials you should have in your possession and the weapon you need to construct the Goron weapon. 

All Materials are Required to Complete Boulder Breaker

  • 1 x Cobble Crusher, 
  • 3 x Diamonds, and
  • 5 x Flints.

Where to Find the Cobble Crusher in TOTK

To find a Cobble Crusher, it’s best to search the caves and treasure chests in the Goron Region. The best place to acquire this weapon is by killing a Fire Like located in the same cave as the Isisim Shrine. Read: How to Get the Cobble Crusher in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, an exclusive guide to all the hotspots where you can find and obtain the Cobbler Crusher. 

Cobble Crusher (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Once you’ve located the Fire Like at the coordinates 1842, 2840, 0363, save your progress before killing the fire creature. This way, if you fail to get the Cobble Crusher the first time, you can reload from the manual save and try again and again until you obtain it, saving loads of time having to venture around in search of the Crusher.

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Where to Find Flints & Diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom

Flints are easy to come by and are found all over the map on the surface, down below, and high up above in the great skies. However, getting a diamond or a few is a difficult assignment if you are not farming them with some sort of glitch.

The Best Places to Find Flints are:

  • All stables in Hyrule
  • All caves with ore deposits (the Goron region is littered with ore deposits)
  • Around campfires (In most cases, where there is a fire burning, there is firewood, and where there is firewood, there are pieces of flint)
A Piece of Flint in TOTK (Screenshot via Prima Games)

The Best Places to Find Diamonds in Hyrule:

The best places to find diamonds are when breaking ore deposits or visiting certain shrines on the map. Locations for diamonds are also given in the guide on how to obtain the Cobble Crusher. 

Coordinates of Shrines with Diamonds

  • Joku-u Shrine in the Great Sky Islands (coordinates: 1375, 3339, -0429)
  • Yomizuk Shrine, close to Tarm Point Cave on the east coast (coordinates: 4476,-0829, 0053)
  • Jochi-ihiga Shrine, close to Tarrey Town (3809, 1219, 0090)
A Diamond in TOTK (Screenshot via Prima Games)

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Soul of the Goron Complete

Once you’ve done a stocktake and all the materials are accounted for, as well as the Cobble Crusher, make your way back to Rohan and Fugo. Talk to them and hand all of the items over to Fugo, who will go ahead and complete the forging of the Boulder Breaker. Once done, he will offer you the Breaker as a gift, and the side quest, Soul of the Goron, will be marked as completed in your Purah Pad.

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Now that you’ve completed the side mission, you’ll be able to return to Fugo as many times as you’d like to craft the Boulder Breaker. Just be sure to have all the materials and weapons on hand required to make it. If you’re looking for more awesome weapons like the Boulder Breaker, read How to Get Scimitar of the Seven in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and find out how to complete the Pride of the Gerudo when visiting Gerudo Town.

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