How to Get Scimitar of the Seven in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

All roads lead to Gerudo, the Missing Owner, and the Pride of the Gerudo.
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To obtain the Scimitar of the Seven in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are two side quests that must be completed when visiting the town of Gerudo. These two are The Missing Owner and Pride of the Gerudo. 

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To activate and complete the latter quest, you must carry out the former first. Once you’ve completed the pair of missions in the desert, you will receive the Scimitar of the Seven. This reward consists of the scimitar and the Daybreaker Shield. In this post, I’ll guide you through the steps to complete each task and what is needed to complete them in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Getting the Scimitar of the Seven in Tears of the Kingdom

To get the Scimitar of the Seven, you need to activate the side quest “The Missing Owner” by visiting the jewelry shop and speaking to the assistant, Cara (location and coordinates provided in the map below). She will talk to you about all the jewelry and its purpose. She will then speak about the owner, who is good at making full sets of armor but has been missing since going out on her own quest to the Toruma Dunes. 

Top tip: Before going any further in this guide, it’s difficult to venture around the desert on foot, which you’ll need to do a lot of in this mission. It’s best to travel from location to location with a flying device, a sled, or even a sand seal. The flying and sled devices can be constructed, and sand seals can be rented at the gates of Gerudo Town or caught outside of the walls. Doing this will cut the time needed to complete this task in half. 

Part 1: Complete The Missing Owner Side Quest

To start the quest for the missing owner, make your way to Turoma Dunes. The location and coordinates of Turoma Dunes are displayed on the map below. When you’ve reached the location, you’ll notice a smoke signal, a Gerudo resident trembling in terror, and a mega Mulduga. 

Your quest is to save the shop owner, whose name is Isha, from the Mulduga by defeating it. To defeat the huge sand swimming monster, it’s best to use time bombs or canons (Zonai devices). With time bombs, it’s easier. The Mulduga will swallow it when it’s dropped in front of it.

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It will explode inside the belly of the beast and the best will drop on the ground and be stunned. Once stunned, run to the Mulduga and hit it with your strongest weapon. With the use of a canon attached to your arrow, it requires inch-perfect timing to hit the monster on the belly as it’s about to jump out of the sand.

Following the decimation of the Mulduga, Isha will thank you and offer you “something special” that she can craft for you once you’ve returned to the town and met with her there. When you get to the town and her jewelry shop, she will talk to you and give you advice on what she needs to craft your special reward. The first side quest will now be complete, and the next phase will begin: Pride of the Gerudo.

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Part 2: Complete Pride of the Gerudo Side Quest

To complete Pride of the Gerudo, you’ll need items from your inventory and weapons that can only be found in the Gerudo region.

The Items & Weapons Are as Follows:

  • 4 x Diamonds, 
  • 10 x Pieces of Flint, 
  • 1 x Gerudo Scimitar, and 
  • 1 x Gerudo Shield. 
Where to Find Four Diamonds

The best places to search for diamonds are in caves when mining specific ore deposits, by defeating Taluses, or by finding them in treasure chests located in certain shrines. Here are some shrine suggestions and their coordinates: the Yomizuk Shrine (coordinates: 4473, -0827, 0032), the Jochi-ihiga Shrine (3809, 1218, 0090), and the Mayaotaki Shrine (coordinates: -0825, 3534, 0234). The ore deposits that normally harbor diamonds sparkle yellow/white. 

10 x Pieces of Flint

If you don’t have 10 or more pieces of flint at this point in your game, it’s best to find flint in ore deposits and breakable rocks in caves. You can also find lots of flints around campfires and at the stables, which you must visit to complete other quests in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There is no shortage of this item in Hyrule.

Gerudo Scimitar & Gerudo Shield

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get either a Gerudo scimitar or shield from the chest that drops once you’ve defeated the Mulduga in the first side quest, The Missing Owner. If you don’t get either and it’s a Gerudo Spear or some other weapon, you’ll have to find it in the desert somewhere. 

To find both of these weapons in one location, you can search the ruins in the Gerudo Desert. The wormholes in the sand lead to these ruins. You can find a Gerudo scimitar and shield in the Ancient Altar Ruins. It’s the easiest to locate in the desert. Search for the section and coordinates indicated on the map supplied above, where there are 12 wormholes in a circle as illustrated. 

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Scimitar of the Seven Mission Complete

After you’ve collected each material, weapon, and shield, you must return to the jewelry shop and talk to Isha for the final time. She will talk to you and then go and craft you the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker Shield, which will be added to your inventory.

Scimitar of the Seven Obtained (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Top Tip: Fuse the Scimitar of the Seven with a silver Bokoblin Horn, and it will increase its attacking power and attributes to 90, making it quite a powerful weapon to take on the bigger and harder-to-kill monsters in the game. If it breaks, just return with the same materials, weapon, and shield and you’ll receive another one.

That’s how to conduct the side quests in order to obtain one of the best-looking scimitars and shields in the game. If you’re looking for more to do before leaving the Gerudo region, read Tears of the Kingdom – Where To Get Desert Voe Armor Set in TOTK to make sure you are dressed to withstand the desert’s fluctuating weather.

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