How to Get the Cobble Crusher in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

There are different ways for Link to get the Cobble Crusher!
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If you’re searching for a powerful two-handed weapon that can crush rocks in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Cobble Crusher is a great pick. There are several ways to obtain it, and in this guide, I’ll walk you through what you need to know.

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Get the Cobble Crusher in TOTK By Killing a Fire Like

To get the Cobble Crusher in Tears of the Kingdom, you must first make your way to the Goron region. There, you’ll need to search for caves with Fire Like monsters inside, close to Goron City. As shown in the map below, you can find a Fire Like by the Isisim Shrine. This is where I found my first Cobble Crusher, alongside many ore deposits and Brightbloom seeds. 

Location of a Fire Like and Isisim Shrine (Screenshot by Prima Games)

It’s important to remember that if you don’t have fire-resistant clothing, you’ll be unable to go into any of the caves because of the extreme temperatures. Heat-resistant clothing and meals will not work either. To obtain fire-resistant clothing, you can purchase it at the armor shop and YunoboCo HQ in Goron City at the following coordinates: 1643, 2407, 0384, and 1599, 2824, 0424, respectively.

The easiest way to kill a Fire Like is by using an ice or water attachment on your arrows, such as Ice Fruit, White Chuchu Jelly, or Splash Fruit. It will instantly stun the monster, allowing you to finish it off with a melee weapon. As usual, once you’ve defeated the Fire LIke, it will drop some monster parts and a treasure chest. The chest should contain the Cobble Crusher. If it doesn’t, not to worry, as there are another two or more locations that hold the Crusher. 

Isisim Shrine and Fire Like with Cobble Stone in the Goron Region (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Tip: If you want to save time and not have to explore because you need the Cobble Crusher, like, yesterday, you can manually save your progress before killing the Fire Like. If you do not acquire the Cobbler Crusher, load your save and repeat the steps until you receive a chest with one in it. 

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Second Location of the Cobbler Crusher in Tears of the Kingdom

The next location is near Gordon City but a bit closer to the edge of the entire Hyrule map. Below, you’ll find the exact coordinates when looking at my current location.

It must be noted that the Cobble Crusher will be region specific, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll find it anywhere else except the Goron region and the region in the Depths directly below. The chest that contains the Crusher is embedded in the rocks on the side of the mountain and must, ironically, be broken to get to the chest. 

The third and final way I got the Cobble Crusher had me searching down under in the Depths. I found more than I bargained for, making it a pleasant trip to the Depths.

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Third Location of the Cobble Crusher: The Depths

The best time to get the Cobble Crusher in the Depths is during the Regional Phenomena with Yunobo. In this quest, you’ll have to take a trip down the Death Mountain Chasm anyway. This is close to where all the weapons are scattered around. There you’ll find an old Zonai Forge Construct, a Device Dispenser, and ruins. 

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Make your way to the coordinates indicated in the image below and find the Abandoned Eldin Mine and Zonai Forge Construct. On the side of the Eldin Mine, you’ll notice a little building next to it. In there, on the floor, will be a Cobble Crusher just lying on the ground. 

If you are wondering why you should go through the trouble of finding the Crusher in the Depths, the location will also help you obtain the Schema Stone for the Automated Ally. So it does make it worthwhile exploring this sector of the Depths. 

Screenshot by Prima Games

Also, it’s extremely important to obtain the Cobble Crusher if you want to obtain the Boulder Breaker and complete the side quest: Soul of the Gorons, which is similar to that of Pride of the Gerudo, where you acquire the Scimitar of the Seven.

If you haven’t completed the Regional Phenomena in the Gerudo Region and want to complete the side quest “Pride of the Gerudo,” read Where to Find the Red Pillars in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to start your journey in the Gerudo region.

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