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Some Genshin Impact quests are found in the most random locations possible, and that’s the case with Truly Mouthwatering!, a Fontaine world quest given by no one else than a man buried in the sand with a roasted chicken by his side. And things just get stranger from here, just like in any regular Tuesday in this game. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the Truly Mouthwatering quest.

Truly Mouthwatering Quest Guide and Rewards

You can first obtain the quest by speaking with Henri in the Belleau Region of Fontaine, next to Poisson. You can use the Talent Domain teleport and swim your way back up for an easy shortcut. It’s pretty hard to miss the pathetic view of a man buried below his head with a delicious-looking chicken beside him.

Truly Mouthwatering Map Starting Point
Screenshot by Prima Games

Defeat the nearby crabs and speak with him to try to make some sense of this ridiculous situation. After he tells you an obvious lie, it’s time to investigate the vicinity. Check out the three yellow spots near Henri, and the fourth point of interest is the two men waiting on the nearby road. 

Screenshot by Prima Games

After another not-suspicious-at-all conversation, go back to Henri, who still refuses to tell you why he is like this, so it’s time to make your own assumptions. From here, follow these steps:

  • Interpret the Self-proclaimed “beauty treatment” option to make the Shout out so that he can be heard option appear.
  • Associate The walker duo with Shout out so that he can be heard to make Fearful of the walker duo appear.
  • Associate Fearful of the walker duo with Nearby shovel to make Henri was buried here to appear;
  • Submit Conclusion with Henri was buried here
Truly Mouthwatering Associations
Screenshot by Prima Games

The duo will try to intimidate you but flee as soon as they notice who they’re dealing with (Paimon’s a badass, you know). Henri still refuses to give you the full story, so let’s uncover the rest of this story.

  • Interpret the Barrel on the body option to make the Buried safely option appear.
  • Interpret the Roast Chicken option to make the Truly mouthwatering! Option appear.
  • Associate Buried safely with Truly mouthwatering! to make “Lesson” appear.
  • Interpret and Associate “Lesson” with Broken machine to make Because he broke the machine to appear.
  • Submit Conclusion Because he broke the machine.

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Ultimately, it was all his ploy to protest against those machines supposedly destroying the environment, and being buried was his punishment. So, to continue his quest, he asks the Traveler for help destroying similar machines across Fontaine and bringing their cores to him. The quest will end, and you’ll get x30 Primogems, x2 Hero’s Wit, and x15000 Mora as a reward.

But as you can imagine, the questline is not done just yet. You can continue this story by seeking the seven Mysterious Cores scattered around Fontaine and bringing them back to Henri, so get ready for some extra exploring.

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