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Strange Stone Chronicle is one of the many Melusian quests found in the underwater areas of Fontaine in Genshin Impact. This lengthy but easy-to-follow quest involves a lot of back-and-forth item deliveries and having to wait some extra time before you can truly complete it. Here’s everything you need to do in this quest.

Strange Stone Chronicle Quest Guide And Rewards

After completing the Ancient Colors World Quest line and unlocking all of the underground areas of the Merusea Village in Fontaine, head back to the “A Very Bright Place” waypoint and take a few steps back. You should see Puca with a quest icon in her head. Chat with her to begin Strange Stone Chronicle.

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Puca asks you to find her lost token, which is a little bit further in A Very Bright Place. Face off against a few Breacher enemies before you can get it, and you’ll find it attached to a Strange Ore. Go back to the underwater village portion and give it back to Puca, who’ll let you sell the ore to any interested merchant. So it’s time to search for one.

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Head to the Court of Fontaine: Quartier Narbonnais waypoint and visit Chesil. He’ll accept the ore, but asks some more so that his craftsmen can make something out of it. Once you deliver the first ore, the first quest in the chain is done.

For the second part, go back to Puca, and she’ll allow you to harvest some ores for selling. They’re located in A Very Bright Place again, so head to the marked area and use the red prisms to break the nearby red orbs and get the Ores. Now go all the way back to Chesil and deliver him the extra Ores to complete the second step.

Strange Stone Chronicle Ore Location
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The final part is a little bit trickier. Chesil asked you to wait a few days until the craftsman can handle the ores, so you’ll have to do as he said. To unlock Strange Stone Chronicle Part 3, advance two days in your in-game clock, and Paimon should have a voice line about the ores being ready. No need to wait for a daily reset for that.

Talk one more time with Chesil as he informs you that they managed to produce new clocks instead of jewelry. It’s up to you to go back to Puca and deliver the news, to which she cheerfully celebrates. 

You get the Birth of the Modern Clock achievement for completing the quest and x20 Primogems and x10000 Mora. You can also collect your reputation reward in Fontaine, which increases with each and every other quest you complete in the region, including all of the other Merusea Village tasks.

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