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Genshin Impact: Stats You Need for Nahida’s Artifacts

How you should build your girlie!

by Jordan Lemons

With Nahida out in Genshin Impact, it’s time to figure out which Artifacts will suit her best. Luckily with her kit, there are several that can go with her and still make her a great DPS/Sub-DPS. And the trick behind it all is Elemental Mastery.

Since Dendro has made its entry, Elemental Mastery has returned as a priority for some of these fresh builds and it is no different with Nahida. Because of her passives, Nahida can gain extra damage and Crit Rate dependent on her Elemental Mastery so it’s a stat you’re going to want to focus on. Just remember that overdoing it to 1000 can usually cap most skills to where it’s not doing much more damage but getting it as close as you can does make a major difference in what substats you’ll want for Artifacts.

Please Don’t Skim Through These Long Four-Piece Descriptions

The wonderful thing about Nahida is that she is perhaps one of the easiest Archons to build because you can mix and match any of these three artifact sets and they will all help her do great damage. Gilded Dreams will increase Elemental Mastery and provide either damage or boosted Elemental Mastery depending on what is in your team roster. Deepwood Memories increases Dendro damage for the character and decreases Dendro resistance against enemies. Wanderers Troupe has always been a great set for catalysts and bow users because it can also increase Elemental Mastery and charged shots and attacks will do extra damage.

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For the full four-set effects, only Gilded Dreams and Deepwood Memories would really be worth slapping on Nahida because as a Sub-DPS, Gilded Dreams really shines through by increasing teammates’ damage and Deepwood Memories affects enemies by decreasing their resistance against Dendro. However, Deepwood Memories will work even when it isn’t on Nahida, so you can either have a Dendro DPS or a Dendro Support on your team to also nab that effect. 

Balance Out Your Two-Pieces With Nahida’s Weapon

Great artifacts can be hard to come by though, even when you are farming every day for them. So it’s a relief that Nahida’s build is flexible enough to work even with two pieces. By mixing and matching your options, you can fill the gaps of what you lack for her build. Wanderer’s Troupe is far easier to come by since it’s a regular drop for Bosses and World Bosses, so if you happen to have more of that, you can easily get the Two-Piece effect +80 Elemental Mastery. In the Spire of Solitary Enlightment, Sumeru’s Artifact Sets Domain, Gilded Dreams, and Deepwood Memories can be farmed easily together. But in scattered domains across Sumeru, you can also grab some one-offs from completing the missions there as well.

While you definitely want one of your two-piece sets to have boosted Elemental Mastery, it’s a toss-up on whether you’d like to go for additional Elemental Mastery or Dendro bonus damage. It comes down to Nahida’s weapon and what you decide would be best in slot for her. If your focus for her weapon is Elemental Mastery, whether you use her signature weapon or Sacrificial Fragments (because using her skill twice is so convenient after you have been trying to collect items but then you can’t use the skill because you entered a fight), you’ll want to go for two-piece Elemental Mastery and two-piece Dendro damage bonus. If the weapon you have on her has a main stat of Attack or Crit Damage (Crit Damage is highly recommended since Nahida’s Crit Rate will increase with her Elemental Mastery due to one of her passives), then you’ll want to double up on Elemental Mastery for both two-pieces if you either don’t have a good four-piece set you’re happy with or prefer that build.

But What Should Your Main Stat Be in Genshin Impact?

No matter what pieces you decide for Nahida, you should go for Elemental Mastery for her Sands, Goblet, and Crown. The closer you are to 1000, the better damage she’s going to do in a way that’s similar to Kazuha who benefits from doing a lot of different types of damage by swirling. But for Nahida, the more Elemental Mastery she has, her Crit Rate, Attack, and Dendro damage will increase against enemies when her attacks interact with another element.

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Substats are the drop-down additional numbers you can upgrade in another version of gacha within Genshin. You use up old artifacts that are of lesser quality or materials meant for upgrading artifacts that can be purchased in the Serenitea Pot. These are more flexible aside from the main stat, but you’re going to want to look for artifacts that have Attack, Crit Rate/Damage, and Elemental Mastery. You’ll want to prioritize Crit Damage over Crit Rate, but Crit is never bad in an artifact. Best of luck with the grind!

And that’s how you build Nahida’s Artifacts in Genshin Impact. Were you able to get her to come home? Do you think her signature weapon is worth it? Let us know!