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Genshin Impact Shadows in Motion Event Featured

We’re only a couple of days away from Fontaine, so Hoyoverse is making its best to promote the new region as much as possible. Giving out some extra Primogems with a new Web Event is always efficient, and that’s why we have the Shadows in Motion Web Event live, giving a few small prizes for Travelers willing to spend a few minutes of their lives in it.

And since Fontaine is promising to be an amazing region banner-wise, getting a few extra resources could never hurt. So let’s hop and see what we’ll need to do in this new event in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact – Shadows in Motion Web Event Guide

The event can be accessed through the direct link by all players at Adventure Rank 10 or higher, which is basically anyone who played for more than one hour. It will be active from August 9 to August 15, the day when Fontaine finally arrives.

In case you didn’t know, Fontaine is where the Kameras were invented. So having a photo-focused event is nothing less than perfectly appropriate as a preview mini-event. Your objective is to take precise photos of unusual sights in various locations, using the simplified camera settings provided by the event.

Select a location and you’ll be presented with a map. You’ll need to take three specific pictures on each map, and you can zoom in and out at your will in order to catch the perfect angle. Select the Album on the rightmost lower corner to see all of your pictures. Once you’re done with a location, the next one can be unlocked.

Genshin Impact Shadows in Motion Event Gameplay
Screenshot by Prima Games

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Unlocking new locations requires Stamina, which can be obtained by completing certain in-game missions such as spending Resin or completing Daily Commissions. So log into the game for a while, complete a few missions here and there and you can proceed in this mini-event. 

You’ll need at least three days of daily activities to unlock and complete all locations, so don’t forget to come back eventually!

Shadows in Motion Web Event Rewards

The total rewards for completing the five locations are x120 Primogems, x60000 Mora, x9 Hero’s Wit, x8 Mystic Enhancement Ores, and x3 Sanctifying Unction. These will all be delivered to your email as soon as you complete them, so grab those as soon as possible!

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