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Genshin Impact Second Blooming Event Guide and Rewards

Don't know when the first one happened but here we are

by Patrick Souza
Second Blooming Event Genshin Impact

After a long hiatus since the beginning of the Exquisite Night Chimes event, Second Blooming just arrived in Genshin Impact to fill the gap between the banners’ change. And if you couldn’t care less for more simplistic minigames, this is the event for you. This is yet another combat event in which all you gotta do is to kick some monster ass to get your rewards.

The main reward this time is the newest Lisa skin, “A Sobriquet Under Shade,” distributed for those participating in this event which lasts from January 31 to February 13. To participate in it, you must be at Adventure Rank 20, complete the full Mondstadt Archon Quests ending in “Song of the Dragon and Freedom,” and clear Lisa’s Story Quest “Tempus Fugit Chapter: Act I.”

Genshin Impact Second Blooming Event Guide

After meeting those fairly easy requirements, head to Sumeru and talk to Effendi (the same guy who gives Reputation missions and rewards) to start the quest. After meeting Lisa and learning more about her past in the Akademiya, you’ll be prompted to head to the new Domain of Buried Roots to start the event properly.

Unlike previous combat events, you need to form 3 full teams instead of 2 to get through the domain, and you have a set time limit to clear all three rooms with those different teams to get your rewards. You get the usual Ley Line disorders along with special buffs that usually favor the current Trial characters.

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And don’t worry if you don’t have 12 well-built characters, as the Trial characters at your disposal are pretty strong, and there’s also a “Linked” feature in team building. Characters equipped in certain slots will be used in two teams consecutively, so you don’t have to worry about having only a single strong carry or two. 

Second Blooming Linked Characters

Using all Trial characters can bring the number of required characters down to 5, and you can also build similar team comps for at least two of the teams. 

Event Rewards

Prizes can be claimed after achieving high scores in each room of the domain. Aside from the new outfit, there’s a total of x400 Primogems, x21 Hero’s Wit, x25 Mystic Enhancement Ore, x300000 Mora, and x5 of each mid-tier Sumeru Weapon Material

Getting Lisa’s skin requires you to complete all five domains and get at least 10000 points in total. If you only go for the Primogems in each of them (which requires 2000 each), you also get the skin automatically, so don’t worry. Setting the difficulty to Hard makes getting points easier, so aim for it to get your goods faster.

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