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Genshin Impact “Iridescence in Paper” Web Event Guide

Making perfect cuts has never been so easy

by Patrick Souza
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Despite having such a packed event with the newest edition of the Lantern Rite festival, Genshin Impact hasn’t backed down on giving players some freebies to keep them in the game, and the most recent ones are distributed through the Iridescence in Paper Web Event, yet another one of those unpretentious browser minigames that give us more rolling fuel.

The event runs from January 29 to February 7, ending simultaneously with the current Alhaitham/Xiao banners leaving the stage to Yelan and Hu Tao for the rest of the update. If you still haven’t got your hands on your desired green-colored edgy boy or sassy scholar, that’s your chance.

Click here to partake in the event, which is very simple in nature.

How to Complete the Iridescence in Paper Web Event

This event will have you helping the Traveler and Paimon make some paper cuttings for some members of the playable cast. And how do you do it? By hovering your mouse through the dotted line, of course! But don’t worry if you’ve got shaky hands or simply lack coordination (as I do myself, we’re all in that same boat, my friend). The cut doesn’t need to be 100% perfect to count.

You’ll have to solve a simple puzzle after completing the cut, and just like previous puzzle events, there’s a solution available if you can’t get it done. They’re not that hard to complete, so don’t worry. Complete each cutout and give it to the appropriate character in order to redeem your rewards. You’ll also be prompted to decorate the background stage, and you can do so as you like.

Iridescence in Papers puzzle
Screenshot by Prima Games

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Each character’s cutout will net you x20 Primogems and other prizes. There are two more missions involving completing all character’s scrolls and decorating your stage at least once. All of those combine for a total of x120 Primogems, x8 Mystic Enhancement Ores, x12 Hero’s Wit, and x100.000 Mora.

In order to get a cutout for a new character, you need a total of 50 pieces of paper. Those are obtained by clicking on the scissor icon in the bottom left corner and completing the event’s daily missions, which include logging into the game, completing your Daily Commissions, and spending some Resin. 

This also means that you can’t complete the event in one go as it requires at least three separate days for getting all rewards. Not that big of a deal, as those are your simple daily Genshin routine tasks, but don’t forget to enter the event’s page at least once a day.

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