Are Alhaitham’s Constellations Worth Getting in Genshin Impact? – Answered

Can we make him more buff though? Aim for the legs this time

Yes, Genshin Impact only just released Alhaitham from the attic where they were keeping him, but people have been wanting to C6 this man ever since he stomped his way onto the screen. Knowing how Constellations work now, we’re sure to get some good ones, right? Right? Let’s hope and pray… Here’s our guide on Alhaitham’s Constellations in Genshin Impact, and if they’re worth getting.

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C1 – Intuition

We had to start somewhere and it wasn’t so good. Alhaithams first constellation decreases the Countdown of his Elemental Skill once he uses it. This will help to use it a second time, and the primary use of it is to gather all of the Mirrors so you can maximize your damage when attacking. If Althaitham has no Mirrors on his person, this will generate two so in light of the Countdown decrease, this will fasten your pace to get you to a max of three. It’s not fantastic, but it’s a decent start in light of his build. Unlike Keqing, he does come with two attacks when it comes to his Elemental Skill. Keqing maps out a place to deal damage, but will still do Normal Attack damage until she uses her Elemental Skill again and teleports. That is the only way she can then do Electro Damage. Alhaitham will automatically transition to Dendro Damage each time he uses his Elemental Skill.

C2 – Debate

His Second Constellation increases his Elemental Mastery by 50 for eight seconds each time he generates a Chisel-Light Mirror. So his First Constellation becomes a bit more valuable, especially if you use it to maximize your output by using the above method to generate as many Mirrors as possible. This could also work if you happen to have Alhaitham’s Burst already at capacity. Whenever you use Althaitham’s Burst, this can generate Chisel-Light mirrors depending on how many you have currently. If you have none, then his Burst will generate Three Chisel-Light Mirrors after it is used. You can then use his Elemental Skill to still trigger his Constellation and you have the max stack of four that basically gives you 200 Elemental Mastery at the start of your battle. 

C4 – Elucidation

Depending on how you use Alhaitham, this next constellation could get quite wild. With his Fourth Constellation, Alhaitham can trigger two different effects when using his Elemental Burst, Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena. These are based on whether he is consuming mirrors for his Burst or Generating them, but this could mean that depending on when you use his Burst, you could trigger both effects. When Alhaitham consumes Mirrors, he will increase the Elemental Mastery of his fellow party members by 30 for 15 seconds. When Alhaitham generates Mirrors, he will gain a 10 percent Dendro Damage Bonus for the same duration of 15 seconds. 

Depending on how you use Alhaitham in battle, he can play a number of different roles. He can increase the Elemental Mastery of his fellow party members by consuming Mirrors and boost the damage of Anemo or Dendro characters for their next rotation. Switching to Yaoyao, for example, would increase her damage when she takes to the field. Using her Burst will allow her to do more damage while she is required to run around on the field for the duration of Moonjade Descent.

If you use the method where you generate Mirrors for yourself, this can lead to both increased Elemental Mastery and increased Dendro Damage thanks to Alhaitham’s Second Constellation. Ultimately, this could lead to a possibility of 30 percent Dendro Damage Bonus and 200 Elemental Mastery for when Alhaitham leads the attack after using his Elemental Burst and then his Elemental Skill in tandem. 

That is absolutely insane. 

C3 – Negation and C5 – Sagacity

The Third and Fifth Constellations are always dedicated to increasing the Talent Branches and for Alhaitham, his Third Constellation will increase his Elemental Skill Talent Branch while his Fifth Branch will increase his Elemental Burst Talent Branch. Increasing his Elemental Skill is quite worth it, because it’s where the bulk of his damage is dealt since it revolves around his Chisel-Light Mirrors, and the Dendro Damage he does based on how many he has. 

Increasing his Elemental Burst is also always valuable because increasing these Talent Branches and getting these Constellations will increase the overall damage he deals in tandem with all of the absolute insanity that his previous Constellations have provided. Always a good base to have, Talent Constellations should not be overlooked or looked down upon. 

C6 – Structuration

As if Alhaitham’s kit couldn’t get any more complicated, we now arrive at C6, where you can forget about the whole Chisel-Light Mirror rule because regardless, Alhaitham will generate three Mirrors even if his Burst Consumes three. They’ll just regenerate two seconds after the Elemental Burst occurs. The max that he can have is still supposedly three, but that is the first part of his Sixth Constellation figured out.

The next aspect of his final Constellation is if he already generating mirrors when they are at max, he’ll receive a 10 percent increase to his Crit Rate and a 70 percent increase to his Crit Damage. So if you have three mirrors, and three are consumed during his Elemental Burst, you receive no Bonus Crit Stats. But, if you have Mirrors after his Elemental Burst occurs, you will still max out to Three due to his Constellation, but will also have this Bonus effect on your Crit Ratio.

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In bulk, Alhaitham starts off with a lesser Constellation, but if you plan on getting any more of them, there is a reason why it suddenly becomes overpowered and a necessary added-on strategy when playing him. You can maximize his damage output and cover up any flaws (if there even were any to begin with) to his kit prior. All of his Constellations are insane, and you are a king/queen if you manage to unlock any of them. You will be golden and will certainly not regret it.

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