Genshin Impact Graph Adversarial Event: Where to Find Basically Blue Wild Creatures

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Genshin Graph Adversarial Day 3 Blue Wild Creatures Featured

The Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log event in Genshin Impact is being quite controversial with some of its photo choices. During the third day, players have to shot “basically blue wild creatures”, whichever those could be as many entities you’ll find won’t count to progress.

Graph Adversarial Day 3: Where to Find Basically Blue Wild Creatures

The gimmick for this day is that enemies won’t count for your pictures this time. You can only photograph living non-aggressive creatures, such as:

  • Otters
  • Hydro Crystalflies
  • Cryo Crystaflies
  • Blue Frogs
  • Certain fish from fishing pounds
  • Certain types of birds (Finches, Gooses and Angler Gulls)
  • Blue Ocean Crabs
  • Blue Lizards

This makes the whole task a lot more restrictive than it should be, but you can easily get 10 photos in the deep water of Fontaine in no time. Head to the Marcotte Station waypoint in Fontaine and dive in the waters next to its cliffs, where you can find tons of Otters swimming around.

The area has no enemies around and the Otters are extremely amicable, to the point where they’ll eventually gather up and start following you of their own will. There’s a total of 8 Otters to be found here, leaving you with only a few more targets to take photos from. You’re only missing two more opportunities today, and there’s another easy location to get those.

Head to the Fontaine Talent Domain (Pale Forgotten Glory) and be quick with your camera so you can grab a shot of the Hydro Crystalflies around the area. There are three of them here, so you can get more photos even if you missed an Otter back in the previous location.


You can collect the Crystalflies right after taking their photo. Just don’t grab them by instinct before taking their shot!

There are many other photo options, but this is a fairly easy route to grab all of the ones you need for today’s challenge. Remember to share your extras with your friends, especially those who couldn’t log it all of the event’s days, or they might end up losing on some rewards!

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