Where to Find Opponents with Wing-Like Structure in Genshin Impact

Pro-photographer time!

Genshin Opponents with Wing-like Structure Featured

The new Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log event in Genshin Impact puts you in the shoes of a professional photographer who’s looking for various different targets every day, and one of them is Opponents with Wing-Like Structure. And finding a few of those is quite easier than expected.

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List of Opponents with Wing-Like Structure in Genshin Impact

You can take a shot of any one of these to complete your task:

  • Oceanid (Hydro characters’ boss in Liyue)
  • Jadeploom Terrorshroom (Dendro characters’ boss in Sumeru)
  • Thunder Manifestation (Electro characters’ boss in Inazuma)
  • Aeonblight Drake (Mechanic boss in Sumeru)
  • Electro Cicin (from Electro Fatui Cicin Mages)
  • Cryo Cicin (From Cryo Fatui Cicin Mages)
  • Red Consacrated Vulture (Beasts in Sumeru)
  • Red Vultures (Minor Consacrated Beasts in Sumeru)
  • Large Anemo Slime
  • Ruin Drake: Sentinel (Ruin Constructs in Sumeru)
  • Genshin Opponents with Wing-like Structure Ruin Drake
  • Genshin Opponents with Wing-like Structure Red Consacrated Vulture
  • Genshin Opponents with Wing-like Structure Cryo Cicin
  • Genshin Opponents with Wing-like Structure Anemo Slime

You can take up to 10 photos per day. All photos must be taken with the Image Sampling Kamera or they won’t count. You can take a photo of the same type of monster repeatedly as long as they’re separate entities (you can take 10 photos of 10 different Large Anemo Slimes, but you can’t take 10 photos of the same Large Anemo Slime).

Each creature gives you a Sample of a random color, and you need all five different colors to claim that day’s reward. You can exchange your extras with friends to make up for any missed photos you couldn’t take, so don’t be greedy and start sharing some pics.


Using the same example above, different Large Anemo Slimes can give you different photo colors if you’re lucky, so using

Use the Adventure Handbook to track enemies who aren’t World Bosses. You can either hunt the same type of monster repeatedly or go for different pray each time.

You can exchange samples with her up to 7 times, meaning you’ll have to earn at least seven different Samples of each color throughout the event’s duration. Each day gives you a new theme and 10 new frames to take more pictures, but you can clear it before a week with a few trades and some lucky shots. All for those sweet Primogems for the future banners.

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