Genshin Impact Free Verse Quest Guide

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Genshin Impact Free Verse Featured

Among the many World Quests available in Genshin Impact, Free Verse is quite simple, and contains your usual dose of hidden lore of a bigger picture hidden behind it. Here’s where you can find this brief World Quest and complete its challenges.

Where to Start Free Verse in Genshin Impact

Free Verse has no specific prerequisites and can be obtained as soon as you find its starting NPC, Penny. She’s found next to the Opera Epiclesse at the exact middle point between it and the Foggy Forest Path entrance. Approach her and her two cute (talking) pets to start the quest.

After talking for a bit with Penny, the dressed dog named Nana and Puss-Without-Boots who goes by Don Quijano, your next goal will be to visit the children under the water. Jump down the bridge and dive to take a look at them. Oh, they’re also talking fish, if this quest couldn’t get any weirder. They’re hidden inside the oysters, so knock on them to visit your new friends.

After visiting the third oyster, you’ll find a Fatui insignia on it instead of more fish. Return to Penny and inform her about what you saw, and Don Quijano will ask you to look for them. Go back to the waters and start looking out for them.

Keep following the children until you reach the trapped troublemaker. They’re hidden behind some rocks, so you have to operate the cannon to blast them out of there. Grab the Receiver Node at the lower part of the boat and stick it on the back of the shooting cannon. Borrow the powers from the nearby Octopus and hold the Skill button to get a hold of the cannon.

Operate it and aim it at the rocks to free the children, then keep going through your journey. Your next rescue will be Bighead, trapped inside some seaweeds. Use a Stingray’s powers to break it free and head for the last two of them.

Lil’ Rascal will be up ahead after a short cutscene, and all you have to do is look out for the blue school of fish occasionally swimming around the area. Grab three of them to proceed to the final child, Scaredy-Cat.

Scaredy-Cat is locked inside the wrecked ship, but you have no way to free them. Go back to the surface and look for the nearby Treasure Hoarders with a suspicious box next to them. Beat them all and grab the Rusty Iron Key that’s needed to save Scaredy-Cat.

Go back to the depths and save the final children, which will now prompt you to return to Penny. She’ll ask you to swim with her and the children once more, and there’s no reason for you to deny her wish, so give it a final swim to trigger the last dialogue in the quest.

You get a total of x40 Primogems, x2 Hero’s Wit, x3 Mystic Enhancement Ores and x30000 Mora for completing the quest, as well as getting the “I Do Believe in Fairies” achievement. You might also stumble across the Freeman’s Announcement key item if you explore enough, which leads you to some extra bounty.

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