Genshin Impact A Parade of Providence Event Guide and Rewards

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Contrary to most updates, Genshin Impact 3.6 version decided to host its main event halfway through the version. A Parade of Providence is the big event happening in this update, bringing all of the Sumeru characters (and I mean ALL of them) to celebrate the Akademiya Extravaganza festival where the 6 Darshans (the Akademiya’s study specializations) compete with each other.

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With the reveal of which of the playable characters belongs to Vahumana, the festival follows the participants in their struggles as the Traveler and Paimon act as guest commenters. In other words, the perfect excuse to showcase more interactions between the characters and throw some minigames that reward us with tons of Primogems.

A Parade of Providence Event Guide

The event runs from April 27 to May 15, with new stages being added periodically after it begins. Players must be at Adventure Rank 30 and complete Liyue’s Archon Quest “A New Star Approaches” to participate in the event. Completing Sumeru’s Interlude Quest “Inversion of Genesis” and Alhaitham’s Story Quest “Vultur Volans Chapter: Act 1” is recommended, but can be skipped with the Quick Start button.

After that, all you gotta do is follow the “Comings and Goings” quest in your list and accompany the beginning of the festival. Advancing requires completing all Interdarshan Championship quests, so you might wanna deal with them first. The starting quest is done after you meet Dori, and you get full access to the various minigames after that. 

The Gala Booths minigames are all based on the 6 Darshans and have their own specific activities, which range from puzzle-solving, observing animals, fighting monsters and various different activities, with some of them being slightly harder to complete such as the relic-hunting one.

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A Parade of Providence Rewards

Aside from tons of Primogems, players can also get the usual Hero’s Wit, Weapon Ascension Materials, Talent Books and Mora, the main reward is a free copy of Faruzan. The girl hasn’t been back into the banners since the Wanderer’s debut, so this is a very welcoming prize.

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Completing each of the 6 Darshan minigames fills your Gala Excitement gauge. It has a limit of 1800, and you can claim your Faruzan after it reaches 1200. This takes quite some time with the minigames and all, but you’ll get it naturally as you complete those activities for their ‘gems.

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