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How to Get the Proof By Exhaustion Achievement in Genshin Impact

More exhausting than it seems

by Patrick Souza
Genshin Impact Proof by Exhaustion Featured

Proof by Exhaustion is an achievement introduced in Genshin Impact 3.6 version in the Challenger: Series VII category. Its description says that you have to “Defeat Iniquitous Baptist of all possible elemental combinations”, but what does that mean exactly? Time to find that out. Here’s how to get the Proof by Exhaustion Achievement in Genshin Impact.

How to Get the Proof By Exhaustion Achievement in Genshin Impact

The thing is that the Iniquitous Baptist boss, found in the Gavireh Lajavard area in Sumeru, uses three different elemental combinations at once, but it possesses four different elements. This means that every time you fight it, you might be facing a slightly different version of it

You can always see his combination before engaging in battle as his elemental orbs are floating around the arena where it awaits you.

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“But hey, I fought it three times yesterday and they all had the same element!”. That’s where things get complicated: Its combination only changes with a Daily Reset, which means that you can only find ONE possible elemental combination per day. So yeah, this achievement takes at least four days to get. More if you’re unlucky.

There are a total of four different combinations:

  • Pyro – Electro – Cryo
  • Pyro – Electro – Hydro
  • Pyro – Cryo – Hydro
  • Electro – Hydro – Cryo

The combination always changes every day, so the one you fight today is never the same one you fought yesterday. Also, you don’t need to claim the rewards, just kicking its butt for the day is enough.

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How to Get the Proof By Exhaustion Achievement Faster

Updated: Unfortunately, there’s no easier way to get this achievement. It was initially believed that the Baptist combination was tied to the player’s World, which could mean that a different Player World would have a different combination. But it was later confirmed that all Worlds shared the same Baptist, so co-op doesn’t make it any faster.

The hardest part might be to remember to fight it every day. Life’s tough and things happen, we know how it is. But if you remember to fight it every day, you’ll get the achievement soon enough, so don’t fret about it. Good luck!

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