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How Does the Fravashi Tree Work in Genshin Impact? – Answered

As long as there are rewards involved, we'll help ancient spirits to find peace

by Patrick Souza

During your journeys through the Girdle of the Sands areas in Genshin Impact, you might encounter strange formations known as the Fravashi Trees. Those peculiar formations are all left from the ancient Pari that once roamed the land. Now locked into a form that’s a mere shell of what they once were, they can still be interacted with by the Traveler, who can perform a ritual to cleanse them with the help of Sorush. And this leads to more treasure, of course. Here’s how the Fravashi Tree works in Genshin Impact.

How Does the Fravashi Tree Work in Genshin Impact? – Answered

You need to have Sorush equipped before interacting with the trees. Sorush is obtained through the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest in the northern desert. You can always spot the trees through their exclusive icon on the map which looks just like them. Interact with them to start the Pale Fire questline, alongside a new quest to purify that specific tree.

Enter Sorush mode with Z (or LB + O on PS controllers) and absorb the green orb with its skill. This will make a new Pari appear. Return to your character and talk to them so they can task you with a certain objective. It can range from simply taking a stroll around with the Pari to collecting various items around the area using Sorush’s powers.

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After completing its objective, the Pari will reward you with a chest and a Plume of Purifying Light, which can later be offered into the Amrita Pool to get various rewards, including Primogems. More plumes can be found by using Sorush to gather them at various points of the map (they’re often next to other Fravashi Trees)

Note that in order to unlock said Pool and be able to reach various trees scattered around the Gavireh Lajavard, you’ll need first to complete at least the first Khvarena of Good and Evil quest and encounter at least one Fravashi Tree, and then complete the Heart of Amrita sidequest. Simply having Sorush won’t do.

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