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How to Unlock the Somalata Inlant Sea Domain in Genshin Impact

One time rewards could be better, but at least they're easy to get

by Patrick Souza

The Realm of Farakhkert area in Sumeru was introduced in Genshin Impact 3.6 complete with various secrets that will have you running, gliding and fighting while uncovering the various secrets hidden in the sands/oasis it houses. One of those secrets is the Somalata Inlant Sea domain, which grants a one-time reward for those who challenge it. And for the first time on those domains, we actually get a 5-star Artifact piece. That’s progress!

Finding this domain can be tricky thanks to its location on the map, so here we’ll show you the easiest way to reach it as quickly as possible.

Where to Find the Somalata Inlant Sea Domain 

After unlocking the Statue of the Seven in the Farakhkert area, you may see the domain on the map but not be sure of where it’s located. Contrary to what the map shows you, you don’t need to climb since the domain is located on the surface instead of on a cliff.

Screenshot by Prima Games

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Head for the Waypoint southeast from the Statue and go directly to your left until you spot some Dendro pillar puzzles like in the image above. They are your key to the domain as solving them will open the domain as well as reward you with an extra chest.

Bring a Dendro character and start messing with them. Each pillar has a drawing next to it with different numbers of dots, indicating the order in which you need to activate them (one dot – first to activate). When facing the domain’s entrance, the activation order is top left, bottom left, bottom right and top right.

Screenshot by Prima Games

After activating the last one, a small cutscene will play and you can finally enter the domain. There aren’t many noteworthy enemies aside from the Consecrated Beast at the end, but it shouldn’t be a huge pain to deal with either. Finishing the domain will grant you 40 Primogems along with a 5-star Artifact piece and an extra chest for that trouble. Gotta love easy domains like those.

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