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Friday the 13th – Play as Tommy Jarvis

by Bryan Dawson

Tommy Jarvis is in the Friday the 13th game, but he’s not a traditional character like the counselors and Jason. Instead, to play Tommy Jarvis in the Friday the 13th game, there’s a special and very specific way to make this happen. You can call Tommy Jarvis into your game of Friday the 13th, but it will take a bit of effort. This article covers how to call Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th: the Game, and everything you need to know to play as Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th, and what happens once Tommy Jarvis is in the game.

Call Tommy Jarvis


  • Must be in a game with at least four total players.
  • At least one counselor must die or escape.
  • Find the CB radio.
  • Make a call out to Tommy on the CB radio.

In order to call in Tommy Jarvis, at least one counselor has to be out of the game. That means they need to either escape or die. If everyone is still alive and actively in the game, Tommy can still be called, but he won’t actually show up until at least one or two counselors have died or escaped. In addition, if you’re playing a game with only three total players (one as Jason and two as counselors), Tommy will not appear at all (even though you can still call him). If you have four total players, two couselors must die or escape before Tommy will appear, but you can call Tommy before or after the deaths.

Once at least one counselor is out of the game and spectating, you need to find the CB radio located in one of the buildings. It’s easy to tell which building houses the CB radio because there’s a big white and red mast with an antenna at the top towering high above one building. Access the CB radio and one of the spectating counselors will be selected at random and summoned back into the game as Tommy Jarvis.

Friday the 13th Game Antenna

Friday the 13th Game CB Radio

Tommy Jarvis Stats and Abilities

While Tommy’s exact stats are unknown, we do know that his stats are higher than any of the counselors in the game. He also spawns into the game with a shotgun, meaning you won’t have to track down a weapon. Unfortunately, he only gets one shot with the shotgun, which is how it works if you happen to find a shotgun somewhere on camp grounds. Just make sure you don’t waste the shot.

Even though Tommy has enhanced stats compared to the counselors in the game, he can still be killed by Jason just as easily. Don’t think just because you respawned as Tommy that you can give Jason a bad day. Although Tommy is required in order to kill Jason, it will still take quite a bit of effort.

If you respawn as Tommy, your best bet is to start earning experience points just like you would as a normal counselor, and try to help protect the other counselors so they can escape. You have a bit more firepower and better stats, but your goal should still be to escape the camp grounds by any means necessary.

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