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Fortnite Rift Portal Locations – How to Find and Use Rift Portals

by Larryn Bell

Aside from shopping carts and ATKs, one popular way to traverse the map in Fortnite is by using rift portals, which arrived at the start of Season 5 as part of the aftermath of the rocket launch. Rift portals are light blue, glowing objects that can be used as another way to quickly traverse across the map, similar to Hop Rocks.

One of the challenges for Week 5 of Season 5 requires players to use rift portals in Fortnite. Although players only need to use three rift portals to complete this challenge, unfortunately the rift portals don’t always spawn in the same location. However, rift portals do tend to spawn in the same general areas, and sometimes multiple rift portals are available around a single point of interest. So, we’ve put together this guide to help give you a an idea of where to search for rift portals in Fortnite based on our experiences finding them in-game.

Fortnite Rift Portal Locations

Walking into a rift portal in Fortnite causes a player to teleport and drop from the sky, allowing the player to deploy their glider and float to a new location upon their descent. Also, when a player uses a rift portal, the rift will disappear, preventing another player from using the same rift portal.

We’ve noticed that rift portals typically spawn near locations or features that appeared at the start of Season 5, such as the Viking Ship located atop the mountain southeast of Snobby Shores. There are usually several rift portals around the perimeter of the Viking Ship mountain, so be sure to search thoroughly. 

Another good place to look for rift portals in Fortnite is around Paradise Palms. Various rift portals are found near the town as well as along the road that passes through the desert. Rift portals can also be found near the Moai sculptures and other objects that teleported through rifts themselves at the beginning of the season, like the Durrr Burger mascot head northwest of Loot Lake.

We’ve made the map below to help give you an idea of where to look for rift portals in Fortnite. Remember, you only need to travel through three rift portals to complete this challenge. 

Once you’re finished teleporting through rift portals in Fortnite, be sure to search the location marked on the Snobby Shores treasure map to complete another Week 5 challenge. For more challenges, visit our Fortnite Season 5 Weekly Challenge Guide.

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