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Fortnite Gold Hunting Rifle – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

The massive Chapter 2 – Season 2 update for Fortnite brought plenty of changes to the popular title. One of the most significant changes that have grabbed the attention of the game’s community is the addition of a Gold Hunting Rifle that has recently been discovered. Epic Games no longer releases extensive patch notes for new seasons, so weapon additions like the Gold Hunting Rifle can sometimes go unnoticed until a player finds it for the first time. Luckily, the appearance of the Gold Hunting Rifle has been revealed, and we have all of the currently known information about this weapon covered for you.

Fortnite Gold Hunting Rifle

This Gold Hunting Rifle was discovered by community member Nourished (via GameRevolution), who posted a video of themselves using this seemingly powerful weapon on their YouTube channel. Nourished went on to explain in the comments that they found this rare version of the gun in a regular chest in the game’s Playground mode.

 However, it does not appear to be currently available in the battle royale game mode.

 YouTuber BCC Trolling also posted a video showing off footage of this legendary weapon that was added under the radar with Chapter 2 – Season 2.

This weapon has caught the attention of plenty of players considering that the Hunting Rifle has only ever had white, green, and blue variants and never a purple or gold version in its history. This would no doubt be an exciting addition to Fortnite considering that it would provide players with another high-powered, long-range weapon to dish out damage against enemy players. 

 Fortnite Gold Hunting Rifle

(photo courtesy of Nourished via YouTube)

It remains to be seen if Epic Games decides to add the Gold Hunting Rifle to the battle royale game mode or if it will stay as a unique weapon for the Fortnite Playground playlist. There is no doubt that there would be plenty of players excited to try it out and hit some nasty shots with it when trying to secure a Victory Royale. 

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