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Fortnite Travis Scott Skin – What We Know So Far

by Nicholas Barth

Fortnite Battle Royale has been at the forefront of mixing pop culture into its world primarily through the use of cosmetic items. Musician Travis Scott could be the next individual to get a skin, and other cosmetic items based off of him added to the battle royale based on a recent leak that has emerged from the community. Fortunately, we have all of the currently known information about a potential Travis Scott skin for the popular game. 

Fortnite Travis Scott Skin

Reputable data-miner Lucas7yoshi took to their Twitter account following the Chapter 2 – Season 2 update and posted an image showing they had found a set of files named Travis Scott related to a cosmetic item set.

Now, the exact contents of what this leaked Travis Scott cosmetic item set may contain are not known. However, it is expected to include a skin considering that most sets that have been in the battle royale game have added a character outfit of some sort. 

Fortnite Travis Scott Skin

Epic Games has not yet officially confirmed that a Travis Scott character and other cosmetic items are coming to the game in Chapter 2 – Season 2. It would not be surprising though to see the high-profile musician get his aesthetic item set. Epic Games has already done so for the likes of streamer Tyler “Ninja” Belvins. The rapper has also shown in the past that he is a fan of the game with him being a part of the distinguished group that played Fortnite together in Ninja, Drake, Ju-Juj Smith Schuster, and himself. 

There is no doubt that there would be plenty of excited players ready to jump into a match playing as the fan-favorite musician in CHapter 2 – Season 2. 

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