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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 | Where to Find Wolves, Hunt Wolves

by Morgan Shaver

As Fortnite players work to complete the punchcards, they’ll eventually encounter a task where they need to find and hunt wolves. Naturally, this brings up questions like where to find wolves, and how to hunt them. To help make things easier, we’ve put together a quick guide on where to find and hunt wolves in Fortnite!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 | Where to Find Wolves, Hunt Wolves

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, wolves are typically located in wild, nature-filled areas. For example, rolling hills, wooded areas near Weeping Woods, inside Stealthy Stronghold, and so on.

Obviously this is a pretty general description of where wolves can be found, though it’s also one that makes sense as you wouldn’t expect to see wolves inside areas like Coral Castle or Dirty Docks.

In the map image above, we’ve marked all of the areas where we’ve found wolves in Fortnite. If you’re not certain what wolves look like in Fortnite, we’ve also included an image below to help you spot them easier.

Wolves travel in packs in Fortnite. When you spot one, keep in mind that there are typically (but not always) one or two more in the area so be prepared to fight not just one wolf, but several.

Fortunately, wolves aren’t too difficult to hunt if you come prepared. They do charge towards you and can deal a solid amount of damage if they catch you at a bad moment, but overall can be defeated fairly quickly simply by shooting at them.

Our preference is a quick weapon like an SMG as opposed to a slower weapon like a shotgun, but any weapon works. 

Having multiple weapons is also advisable as you can save time reloading a weapon by simply switching to another, already loaded weapon. When a wolf is defeated, it’ll drop Meat which can be used to tame other wolves, heal yourself, or craft a Hunter’s Cloak. 

We have more information on how to tame wolves and how to craft a Hunter’s Cloak in some of our previous guides, which we recommend checking out if you’re looking to do either of those activities.

To wrap things up, wolves can be found in and around areas like Stealthy Stronghold and Lake Canoe. To hunt wolves, all you need to do is deal damage to them. Quick weapons are better, and having multiple weapons to switch between is recommended.

Wolves drop Meat when defeated which can be used to heal, tame other creatures, or craft a Hunter’s Cloak. We hope this guide has helped, and wish you luck hunting wolves in Fortnite! 

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